Buying a Home in Benamara

Buying a Home in Benamara

Buying a Home in Benamara

Benamara with 7350 residents, is situated in Estepona. There lies El Saladillo and the most popular Belen Beach in its surroundings.

The nearby localities or suburbs to Benamara include Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Selwo and Estepona. All these suburbs are present within 6.7 to 15.5 miles of Benamara. Buying a home in Benamara offers access to a beautiful scenic landscape in surrounding cities.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Benamara?

As you will probably know, the cost of renting & housing in the Costa del Sol is generally higher at the western end than they are in other parts of Spain. It may also help to consider that you might be able to spend a little more on shopping or dining out.

One of the best industries to try and find work in is the services & tourism industry after buying a home in Benamara, especially if you have a background as a salesperson or an IT professional.

Buying a home in Benamara provides you access to many private and state hospitals operating within Benamara and its nearby surroundings to cope with your family’s healthcare needs.

Many schools here offer the option of learning to be bilingual or learning a foreign language. If you decide which one is right for your family & are willing to work within their constraints, you won’t have any problems.

Buying a Home in Benamara offers connectivity to entire Europe through two nearby airports, including Gibraltar and Malaga. The central toll road, known as AP-7, connects you to nearby suburbs and localities.

Benamara offers different property types, including townhouses, farmhouses, detached houses, luxury apartments, etc.

Real Estate Prices in Benamara

The asking price for buying a home in Benamara will increase in May 2022. Since last May, it has increased by 9.82% from €2.496/m2 to €2.741/m2 and is on pace with the rising values of residential properties across Europe.

In May 2022, tenants pay an average of €10.67 per sqm/ month for rented property, which increased by 11.27% compared to May 2021 (€9.58 per sqm/ month).

Invest in today with the best chance of profiting in the future. Buying a home in Benamara will let you experience this difference. Contact us now to receive the perfect investment property for a fraction of the usual cost!

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