Buying a Home in Calahonda

Buying a Home in Calahonda

Buying a Home in Calahonda

Calahonda is a town in the south part of Spain situated within the Andalucian region. The small town is located between two close towns lying close to one another, including Marbella and Fuengirola, with demographic jurisdiction in Mijas.

In the area of Calahonda, there are 1079 total inhabitants, and the total landmass is 0.497 square kilometers. Buying a home in Calahonda allows you to live in a secluded, quiet area.

Calahonda has a few different nearby towns or cities such as El Chaparral, Torrenueva, Campo de Mijas, Miraflores, Riviera del Sol, Sierrezuela, El Faro and Calypso. Lagos and La Mamola are also within driving distance, similar to that Velilla and Lobres. The distance between these towns from Calahonda lies 4 to 10 miles. So, if you are looking to vacation in the area and are curious, buying a home in Calahonda is perfect. You can visit each one of them during your holidays.

Why invest in Luxury Real Estate in Calahonda?

While this location is not the most extravagant, it still offers affordable living. One of the most significant features to consider is a supermarket nearby, which can help you save money on your food costs.

Reasonable access is available along the coast road, which runs right through town. Being on the coast offers many more accessible travel options to neighboring cities. Only 25 minutes from the airport makes staying close easy.

Several resorts lie close to the town. The lower toll road is an excellent substitute if you love mountains but hate spending tedious hours on highways. This route will take you past other scenic spots and even close to these resorts. By buying a home in Calahonda, you don’t have to worry about transport or commuting because the city has many regular bus services.

Buying a home in Calahonda often offers a better option within the services and tourism sector. However, you’ll find many other employment opportunities within this area of Spain.

With the various clinics at the resort, Calahonda can provide something for everyone. You can get to the nearby hospital in Marbella so that if anyone you know needs immediate medical care, it’s easy to get them where they need to be.

Real Estate Prices in Calahonda

Calahonda is known for its luxurious feeling, with a wide variety of luxury home ownership that ranges from affordable options to more lavish properties. It also offers many apartment types specifically designed to accommodate the needs of its residents.

The residential market in 2022 was much stronger than the previous year. It was an 8.15% increase in the average price of houses (€ 2443 /sqm) compared to the purchase price in 2021.

Rent prices continue to increase, with the average monthly rent per square meter increasing 12% in March of 2022. This is just another reason people need to rent out their living space instead of owning it.

If you’re in the market for buying a home in Calahonda but find it expensive, there may be a good reason. Property values might have increased recently, and there are potential profit opportunities to buy properties that demand high prices.

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