Buying a Home in Calanova Golf

Buying a Home in Calanova Golf

Buying a Home in Calanova Golf

The calanova golf sits about 5 minutes from La Cala de Mijas. You’ll find 14 kilometers worth of pristine coastlines with striking mountains and some amazing urbanizations within the area.

It is the largest municipality within Mijas Costa and has its roots in Costa del Sol.

The nearby towns nearby Calanova Golf include  CalahondaMijas GolfMijas PuebloRiviera del SolSierrezuelaEl Faro and La Cala; on the southwest side, there lies Cabopino, Sitio de Calahonda, in the northwest lies La Mairena, and in the north lies La Cala Golf Resort. When buying a home in Calanova Golf, you are only 3.58 to 11.33 miles away from these nearby towns.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Calanova Golf?

The cost of living in Calanova golf is quite high, and the price of utilities varies depending on the pound price.

Spanish is the first language for many people living in Calanova Golf, but there are several bilingual schools to choose from. The nearby public IES La Cala de Mijas provides primary education until high school, while El Chaparral & Los Claveles will take you through infant grades too!

The medical professionals in Calanova Golf are varied and offer many options for treatment. From pediatricians to osteopaths, there is something here that will meet everyone’s needs!

The closest hospital in Costa del Sol has an excellent staff who can provide you or your family member with anything they need when taking care of their health issues.

Buying a home in Calanova Golf provides working opportunities only within the tourism service sector. More job opportunities are available if you commute to Marbella than just this small village!

Calanova Golf’s transport network makes it easy to get around without a car. Buses and coaches connect the major urban areas, while Málaga airport is only 20 minutes away from your door!

You can find many property options for buying a home in Calanova Golf here, including townhouses, country houses, villas, and apartments equipped with gardens and pools.

Real Estate Prices in Calanova Golf

In May of 2022, the average price per sqm of buying a home in Calanova Golf was €2.315, a decrease of 0.77% compared to last year’s rate at the same time of €2.333/ sqm.

The cost of renting after Buying a home in Calanova Golf in May was 13% more expensive this year than last. The average monthly price for residential properties stood at € 9,16 per square meter – up from 8 euros/sqm last season!

The investment market is not immune to price fluctuations. By buying a home in Calanova Golf Property, you can be confident that your money will go up in value and provide steady returns over time- even during difficult economic times!

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