Buying a Home in Castell de Castells

Buying a Home in Castell de Castells

Buying a Home in Castell de Castells

Castell de Castells is a small town located in Spain within the Alicante Province in the autonomous region of Valencia. Lies over the coast of Marina Alta, where many people speak the Valencian language.

The town consists of a total population of 435 living over 45.9 square kilometers. The low population density of 9 people per sqm in this town reflects buying a home in Castell de Castells, allowing you to live in a quiet and peaceful region.

The cities lying close to Castell de Castells include Benichembla, Vall d’Ebo, Murla, Benimantell, Parcent, Orba, and Benimasot. All lie within a distance ranging from 4.6 to 10 kilometers from the center of Castell de Castells.

Why Buy a Luxury Real Estate in Castell de Castells?

In the first quarter of 2022, the average price for the sale of residential property was € 1525/ sqm. This is up 4.96% over March 2021 first quarter (€ 1453/square meter).

Similarly, in the 2022 first quarter, the monthly rent for residential properties in Ireland was offered at an average cost of € 8.14 per sqm, which is increased by 7.25% compared to the 2021 first quarter of € 7.59/ m2. This rising trend indicates a valued opportunity for buying a home in Castell de Castells.

If you want to experience the charm of a cosmopolitan city while not paying high prices, buying a home in Castell de Castells is perfect.

The nearby, close airport is Alicante, just 58 kilometers away from Castell de Castells. You can get to the airport through various transport options including Bus service, tram or a Taxi. Buying a home in Castell de Castell connects you to surrounding areas and entire Europe.

You will find the international and Spanish state schools in neighboring for the quality education of your children.

Significant work opportunities you will find in tourism within Castell de Castells. You will also get to work in the business sector, financial services, and more.

Here you will find various options, from public health hospitals to private health care providers. They are all ready and waiting to cope with your healthcare needs.

Buying a home in Castell de Castells allows you to choose from town, country, villa, or apartment. You can choose the design and location where you want to live in. There are many options regardless of your budget.

Real Estate Prices in Castell de Castells

The price varies depending on location and proximity to various utilities. For instance, the cost of a townhouse has five bedrooms, and one bathroom with a total area of 232 square meters is € 100,000. Similarly, the price of a country house comprising two bedrooms and one bathroom is € 105,000.

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