Buying a Home in Costalita

Buying a Home in Costalita

Buying a Home in Costalita

Costalita is an area in the coastal town of Estepona. It is located close to Sun Beach and near El Saladillo.

The cities or suburbs lies close to the Costalita include Benamara, New Golden Mile, Selwo, Cancelada, Atalaya and Diana Park. Buying a home in costalita allow you to visit any of these cities to enjoy a quality time during off days.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Costalita?

The cost of property/rent tends to be higher in the western areas of the coast, so you might expect your weekly shop or a meal out to be a little more expensive than in larger resorts near the west.

With access to necessities like shopping malls, parks, and more, you will find peace of mind with modern living.

The services and tourism industry offer most of the jobs and other opportunities in property. If you speak Spanish and have skills in sales & IT, there are many openings in these industries.

Estepona has various choices for health care – the ‘Ambulatorio’ is here, in town, and the main hospital is nearby in Marbella. Private specialist doctors are also available. Buying a home in Costalita will ensure that you are in safe hands.

Choosing the perfect school for your family after buying a home in Costalita will not be a problem with Spanish state schools and international schools that offer education in both English and Spanish.

Buying a home in Costalita offers departures and arrivals only an hour’s drive from both airports in Malaga and Gibraltar. You can also get around the coastal town; you could take your vehicle on the AP-7 toll road to other places or opt for a more leisurely approach through a state Bus service.

Real Estate Prices in Costalita

If you’re looking for small apartments, the suburbs are the place. However, most of it is newer apartment complexes and housing on the coast. However, if you want to build your dream home, some plots of land & land developments are available.

In April 2022, an average of €2.734 per sqm was asked for residential real estate. This is a 9% increase from last year when the price averaged €2.507 per square meter.

Over the past 12 months (April 2021-April 2022), the average price for renting residential properties increased by 8.95% (from €9.72 per square meter to €10.59).

Secure your future by buying a home in Costalita, ensuring a higher rental and real estate investment return.

We’re always available for you, no matter what. Whether you happen to be in the market for your dream home or an investment property, feel free to talk to us! You won’t regret it!

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