Buying a Home in El Madroñal

Buying a Home in El Madroñal

Buying a Home in El Madroñal

El Madroñal is a neighborhood situated in Marbella within the province of Málaga that resides in the south region of Spain. El Madroñal is a large, walled country estate located in the foothills of Natural Park known as Sierra de las Nieves.

The suburbs locates close to El Madroñal include La Zagaleta, Los Almendros, La Heredia, Monte Halcones and Los Arqueros. All these suburbs lie within a distance ranging from 7.0 to 18.0 kilometers.

Buying a home in El Madroñal allows you to see different species of animals and wildflowers that all thrive during the winter, spring, and fall.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in El Madroñal?

Buying a Home in El Madroñal provides you with a perfect blend of upscale luxury and low prices. You can afford to live here for just about any budget!

When it comes to choosing an airport, the nearest are Málaga Airport (66 km) and Gibraltar Airport (68 km). You can avail of the bus service or hire a car to get there. Other airport alternatives are Seville Airport (180km), around 2.5 hour drive away. Thus, buying a home in El Madroñal connects you to the entire Europe.

Being a small town, El Madroñal isn’t likely to have a lot of opportunities for jobs and other businesses. But you’re relatively close to Marbella, and the booming economy there means plenty of jobs and other business opportunities!

Buying a home in El Madroñal provides proximity to the state health care center and a pharmacy. You’ll also be able to visit a much more significant health center in San Pedro, about 25 minutes away.

It’s not easy to find a mountain village in Spain that offers a bilingual school, but the town of El Madroñal delivers here too. The Atalaya college is located just a few miles away, and there’s another international school in Estepona. Buying a home in El Madroñal allows you to educate your child in any language, either Spanish or English.

Real Estate Prices in El Madroñal

Homes for sale across El Madroñal have seen a price increase. The average asking price is €3.784 per square meter, which is 25% higher than the previous year.

Residential rental price in El Madroñal is also on the rise this year. In April 2022, the average price per square meter was € 12,36, a 12.26% increase from a year earlier (€ 11,01).

This property trend reflects that buying a home in El Madroñal will help you achieve more significant ROI through revenue generation either in rent or through sale or purchase!

Property developments in El Madroñal offer luxurious apartments. It also offers traditional village houses and luxury villas with a breathtaking view of the mountains, sea, and nearby towns.

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