Buying a Home in El Padrón

Buying a Home in El Padrón

Buying a Home in El Padrón

Located on the edge of Estepona, El Padrón, a small town, lets you enjoy Andalucia’s beautiful countryside without sacrificing your proximity to one of Spain’s most vibrant towns known as The New Golden Mile.

The surroundings are serene without being boring – perfect if you’re looking for nature with an exciting city vibe!

In the surrounding of El Padrón there lies CanceladaEl ParaisoDiana ParkBel AirSelwo and Estepona. So, buying a home in El Padrón offers closeness to these towns. You need to cover only 6.54 to 12.67 miles on average to get to these popular towns.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in El Padrón?

When you’re looking for a good meal or something to buy at your local grocery store, the prices are typically higher in this part of the Costa del Sol.

The hospitality industry is the place to be for job-seeking professionals. There are countless opportunities in this sector, which has been growing steadily over recent years due largely to increased international travelers looking forward to their next vacation or business trip!

The people of El Padrón have access to excellent public health care. You can visit the nearby ‘Ambulatorio’ after buying a home in El Padrón for any medical emergencies or concerns that you may have.

The Spanish state in El Padrón provides education for all levels, from pre-school to university. Public and private options exist that offer dual curricula in Spanish and English. You can select any option depending on your needs.

One of the best features about buying a home in El Padrón is how close it gets you to some amazing transportation options. Whether traveling by car (proximity to AP-7 or A-7 road) or plane (proximity to Gibraltar or Málaga airport)- your new property has everything right outside!

Housing is available in different city areas with varying prices and living conditions.

The more modern neighborhoods consist mostly of high-rise apartments; however, if you’re looking to create your grand design or have limited funds, land approved for building permits can also be purchased.

Real Estate Prices in El Padrón

The demand for buying a home in El Padrón is rising, with an average price per square meter of €2.741 in May 2022, which is 9% more than last year’s figure (€2.496/ m2). At this time!

The price of renting or buying a home in El Padrón in May 2022 was up 11% from last year. Rental prices are almost €10.66 per month for each square meter, which is more than the average cost last year when it stood at 9.58 Euro/month for each square meter.

Prices have been on a steady incline for years, and there’s no sign of slowing down. Buying a home in El Padrón offers incredible investment opportunities with price trends that will make you rich in the future.

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