Buying a Home in El Presidente

Buying a Home in El Presidente

Buying a Home in El Presidente

One of the top-rated family-friendly destinations in the Puerto Banus, Marbella, and Estepona area, El Presidente is an excellent choice for all who want to live in a peaceful environment in Spain.

Buying a home in El president offers an opportunity to enjoy the tour to nearby towns and cities, including Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Selwo and Estepona. These towns are just 7 to 25 kilometres away from El Presidente centre.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in El Presidente?

Employees in El Presidente earn considerably more wages than what would be achieved at the same job in another city. However, they still have to pay the costs of living, which are pretty high. This is balanced out by the low cost of utilities and transport in El Presidente.

International schools are designed for students, including American college, Mayfair international academy, and Swans college, who are eager to study in different terrain; buying a home in EL Presidente also offers other state-run schools, which can be found close to San Pedro de Alcántara.

After buying a home in El Presidente, you will get dozens of options for health care, some utilising helicopter vehicles and some using private ambulances to cope with emergency needs.

Marbella can provide English-speaking professionals with many work opportunities with a large ex-pat population. It is also a feasible option for finding jobs in the service sector such as childcare, construction etc.

In terms of transport options, if you don’t have your car, you can get a bus service or taxi services which will take you to nearby Málaga airport, thus connecting you to entire Europe. The coastal and toll roads of N-340 and A-7 are enough to get you close to towns and localities.

Buying a home in El Presidente provides several amenities, including grocery stores, cosmetics, boutiques, shopping centres etc., to meet your daily needs.

Real Estate Prices in El Presidente

The median price per square meter in April 2022 for buying a home in El Presidente was €3.898, a 13.12% increase over the median price per square meter in April 2021 (€3.446).

In April of 2022, rental homes had an average price of 13.39 euros per square meter/ month but with a hike of 14% from the same month in the previous year, 11.75 per square meter/ month.

Investment in buying a home in El Presidente is exclusive and has a high return with low risk. It will grow exponentially and change your lifestyle substantially.

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