Buying a Home in Los Flamingos

Buying a Home in Los Flamingos

Buying a Home in Los Flamingos

Los Flamingos is situated close to Puerto Banús, only 12km away. It is referred to as the most popular port worldwide, with its roots in Costa del Sol within Spain.

The suburbs or localities that lie close to the Los Flamingos include  La ZagaletaLos AlmendrosLa HerediaMonte Halcones and Los Arqueros. Buying a home in Los Flamingos will provide you with all of these localities just within a distance of 4.1 to 16.8 miles.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Los Flamingos?

Buying a home in Los Flamingos offers relatively low rent costs & ample utilities that remain pretty affordable.

Many International Schools exist in Los Flamingos and its surroundings, including Swans College, Mayfair International Academy, and The American College. Public schools also exist. So, buying a home in Los Flamingos offers multiple education options for your child.

If looking for state healthcare services, one should visit the Calle Príncipe de Asturias Health Center. The region also offers assistance in mixed private-state facilities, all readily available.

A large population of English-speaking people living in Marbella makes it a more popular destination to find work. Jobs are available in sectors like childcare, construction, and marketing.

Buying a home in Los Flamingos offers several transportation options, including a Bus or a Taxi. The major Málaga airport is close to Los Flamingos, only around 60km away. N-340 OR A-7 toll road connects you to nearby towns or cities and Málaga airport.

In Los Flamingos, you will get ample property options almost for all budgets, including apartments, villas, townhouses, detached houses, etc.

Real Estate Prices in Los Flamingos

As of May 2022, buying a home in Los Flamingos averaged €3.891 per sqm. This is 12.4% more than in May 2021, when the price per sqm was €3.462.

In 2022, a monthly cost of €13.66 /m²/ month was expected for renting a home in Los Flamingos. That’s 15.5%, too – an increase from €11.83/m²/ month in 2021!

Start investing today and experience what it’s like to own an investment property in Los Flamingos that delivers exponential returns.

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