Buying a Home in Monte Halcones

Buying a Home in Monte Halcones

Buying a Home in Monte Halcones

Monte Halcones is a quaint little neighborhood that sits right in Málaga. It’s close to La Quinta and steps away from Los Flamingos!

Nestled in a lush, tropical garden with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean coastline, Monte Halcones is a hidden oasis in the middle of bustling, urbanized streets.

The localities that sit in the surroundings of Monte Halcones include El Madroñal, La Heredia, Los Flamingos, Monte Halcones and Benahavís. Buying a home in Monte Halcones allows you to get into any of the above localities by traveling just 7.03 to 18.64 kilometers.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Monte Halcones?

Monte Halcones offers a calm and peaceful life close to all you need without having the high cost of living in Marbella.

You don’t find the bus services here more often, but you will get access to taxi services that will take you straight to the airport within an hour.

Monte Halcones is a small town with limited job and business opportunities, but there are plenty of openings nearby Marbella. Thus, buying a home in Monte Halcones will leave you satisfied economically.

The hospital in Marbella is just a stone’s throw away and provides you with all the healthcare services that your heart desires while being closer to home than other options for those who prefer not to make long journeys.

Benahavís, close to Monte Halcones, is home to some of Spain’s best schools. The Atalaya college offers access to English-language instruction and bilingual classes for students who prefer more immersion. A short drive away lies another international elementary school in Estepona that can accommodate your child’s educational needs too!

Monte Halcones provide you with a genre of options for housing, including villa, apartment, detached houses, country house, and much more.

Real Estate Prices in Monte Halcones

The market for buying a home in Monte Halcones is becoming more competitive with each passing day. In May of 2022, buyers requested an average of €3.770 per sqm, which represents a 19% increase over last year’s rate at the same time!

The rent cost for buying a home in Monte Halcones in May 2022 was about 12 euros per month, up 9% from last year. The average price for residential rentals during May 2021 was about €11 monthly per sqm.

Buying a home in Monte Halcones is the perfect investment for those who want to diversify their assets and increase wealth. The returns are stable, with little risk involved compared to other investments like stocks or bonds!

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