Buying a Home in Reserva de Marbella

Buying a Home in Reserva de Marbella

Buying a Home in Reserva de Marbella

Reserva de Marbella is a part of Marbella located in Málaga Province in the Southern part of Spain. It has roots on the eastern side of Marbella, right in the center of Elviria and Cabopino.

The popular towns within Marbella’s radius include Artola, Elviria, El Rosario, Santa Clara, The Golden Mile, Nagüeles and La Campana. Buying a home in Reserva de Marbella allows you to go to any of these towns by traveling over just 6.31 to 24.0 kilometers of distance on average.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Reserva de Marbella?

Marbella is one of the most expensive places in Spain, but all can find groceries. There are tons of stores to help keep prices low and lots to explore outside the resort.

Marbella has ten international schools, so buying a home in Reserva de Marbella offers education in multiple languages, including Swedish, German, and British.

The nearby region of Costa del Sol has a dedicated and renowned hospital. Situated out of the city center. There are also many other forms of healthcare to choose from private hospitals, alternative therapies, and specialty clinics.

Marbella is known for its diversity in Malaga, Spain, known for being good for business. It is also seen as the province’s number one service hub. Buying a home in Reserva de Marbella provides you with employment opportunities in real estate, construction, and economic sectors.

Marbella hosts a reliable bus connection that takes you on the A7 corridor, thus connecting Malaga airport. There are also bus connections to all the coastal towns situated along the Costa del Sol.

Properties in the city are abundant, including country houses, townhouses, villas, and apartments, ranging from luxury to the ultraluxury. You’re sure to find something that suits your budget.

Real Estate Prices in Reserva de Marbella

Residential property prices in April 2022 were 12.1% higher than the same period last year, with an average of €3.898/sq. Meter for buying a home in Reserva de Marbella.

Residential property renting in Reserva de Marbella rose in April of 2022, with a monthly average of €13.39 per sqm. The increase was 13% compared to the same month one year earlier (€11,75).

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