Buying a Home in Selwo

Buying a Home in Selwo

Buying a Home in Selwo

Selwo is a small resort having its foundations in Andalucía within the Málaga Province within Estepona.

Localities having their roots close to Selwo within the radius of 56 kilometers include Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Benavista and Estepona. Buying a home in Selwo will never get you bored of the plentiful attraction in these nearby towns and cities.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Selwo?

You can expect to pay a little more for your weekly shop or meals out. But don’t worry! It’s still much cheaper than in the larger resort cities further west.

With most industries still in a buoyant state and with Spanish speakers having skill sets in sales, IT, and language, you have numerous employment opportunities, especially in tourism and services. For large-scale employers, you can get to Costa del Sol.

Selwo boasts excellent public health care facilities. The town has an ample A&; E unit, known as an Ambulatorio clinic, in the town center and a significant hospital in Marbella just a few minutes away.

Choosing the right school can be difficult. But buying a home in Selwo, there are a lot of options. However, it will be easier to find what’s suitable for your child with Spanish public and international schools in the area.

Selwo is equipped with a small range of shops in the lively center but doesn’t have big shopping complexes like most towns. The market is worth exploring, and you will find good things there.

With the two major airports of Malaga and Gibraltar, you can get to them in minutes from Selwo. Many people choose a road trip through the AP-7 tollway. This makes travel more accessible and carefree after buying a home in Selwo.

Real Estate Prices in Selwo

In April of 2022, the average price per square meter of buying a home in Selwo was €2.732. The average increase in price between April 2021 and April 2022 was 9%.

In April 2022, on average, tenants were asked to pay € 10.39 per square meter each month. The increase of 8.46% compared to April 2021 is due to the ever-rising rental costs in Selwo.

Buying a home in selwo gives you many property options, including townhouse, country house, luxury villa or detached villa, detached house, etc.

Invest in your future and let Selwo take care of the rest – Get a piece of land right now with the potential for future price appreciation.

We’re always ready and willing to help. If you’re looking for any real estate or property, we’ll show you the listings that meet your needs. We’ve got your back!

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