Buying a Home in Valtocado

Buying a Home in Valtocado

Buying a Home in Valtocado

Valtocado is a small town that resides in Mijas municipality and lies just in the autonomous region of Andalucía within Malaga province in Spain.

The localities or suburbs that resides close to Campo Mijas include Calahonda, Mijas Golf, Mijas Pueblo, Riviera del Sol, Sierrezuela, El Faro and La Cala. Buying a home in Valtocado offers theselocalities within 4.8 to 17 kilometers distance range from Valtocado.

Not only is luxury real estate in Valtocado an excellent investment opportunity, but it also offers an endless array of activities for all ages.

Why Buy a Luxury Real Estate in Valtocado?

The cost of living in Valtocado is similar to that of Malaga, which means you won’t have a hard time. Buying a home in Valtocado offers a lot of shops with the variety you need, so making a living in this area is not too difficult.

Several good public health clinics in town allow you to see a doctor 24/7 when you experience a healthcare emergency. The closest hospital is just around 25 minutes away exist in Marbella.

There are many schools in Fuengirola, so there’s no need to travel too far from your home to get an excellent education. You can also find an international school or two here, so it’s convenient to live after buying a home in Valtocado.

The critical source of employment in Valtocado is tourism. Many English speakers are here, and this city is a major destination for retirees. Care services for the elderly have also become prevalent in Valtocado, and you may find it easier to gain work here than in other resort towns.

Many ways to get to Malaga Airport. Buying a home in Valtocado offers a few bus rides and a short drive; you can get there quickly during different day hours. The A7 highway will take you in either direction on the southern coast, and the C-1 train brings you from the center of town for less time than usual commuter options.

Don’t waste more time on property hunting and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Buy now and enjoy the sun-drenched beaches and crystal-clear waters of Valtocado.

Real Estate Prices in Valtocado

April 2022 had a slightly higher average property price per square meter than April 2021, revealing an increase of 5.35% from €2.56 per sqm to €2.69 per sqm.

In April of 2022, people were asked to pay a rent of €10.23 per square meter/ month on average, with a 7% increase from the previous year (€9.56 per square meter/ month).

However, the real estate market in this area is on the rise, and it’s not just the beauty of this town that makes buying a home in Valtocado a hot ticket.

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