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Buying a Home in Benigembla

Buying a Home in Benigembla

Benigembla is a town in the region of central Spain within the Alicante province, lying close to Marina Alta. It’s mostly inhabited by natives speaking Valencian, the predominant language in this region.

The town offers a peaceful and quiet place to live in. It has a very low population density of about 24 people living every square kilometer.

Buying a home in benigembla offers a lot of nearby cities to take a tour of including Alicante, Elche, Orihuela, Madrid, and Seville.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Benigembla?

In March 2022, asking prices for square meters of residential properties were an average of 1.525€. Prices spiked by 4,96% from the same month in the previous year.

In 2022, residential rents were asking € 8.14/sqm/month, up 7.25% compared to 2021’s average of € 7.59sqm/month. This reflects a great property potential for growth in terms of residential or rental properties and the best time for buying a home in Benigembla.

At Benigembla Village, you’ll love living in one of the most beautiful beachfront communities in the world. Start enjoying the sun, sea, and sand of Benigembla with a brand-new home.

August is the warmest month on average, with a temperature of 30.0° Celsius; January is the coldest with 15.9° Celsius.

If you’re looking for a place to live that is more accessible to people and has all the benefits of a large city without sky-high costs, this might be your best bet.

With many excellent international schools and Spanish-speaking public schools in neighboring Spain, buying a home in Benigembla offers a balanced experience for its students.

Buying a home in Benigembla assists you in finding must-see places and sightseeing tips just by choosing a region of interest. They’re also free activities and fun things to do in Benigembla for you to choose from, such as world-famous attractions and monuments, top beaches, famous cities, countryside & Islands.

You can receive treatments from a range of health care providers. This includes state hospitals with emergency rooms surrounding Benigembla and many more private & specialist clinics.

Buying a home in Benigembla offer multimode of transport connections to surrounding cities within the region, including Taxi, Rail, or Bus.

Real Estate Prices in Benigembla

Whether you’re looking for a bustling beach town with a mix of high and low-rise apartments or something more low-key, there are plenty of options in Benigembla, including townhouses, village houses, bungalows, and apartments.

The property prices largely depend on the house’s design, location, and type. Usually, the cost of a bungalow with three bedrooms and three bathrooms having a plot size of 95 square meters is €140,000. Similarly, the price of a townhouse with three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a plot size of 156 square meters is €149,000.

We’re open 24 hours a day to help you with any property search or real estate investment inquiry. We’ll be happy to answer your questions!

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Buying a Home in Finestrat

Buying a Home in Finestrat

Finestrat is a town with roots in Spain within the Alicante province in the Valencian region. Situated close to the Comarca of Marina Baixa, a population speaking mostly the Valencian language.

Finestrat has a total population of 6,715 spread over a total area comprising 42.25 square kilometers. The population density of Finestrat is 158.9 people per square kilometer.

Multiple cities or towns lies near the Finestrat including La Nucia, Polop, Penaguila, Benidorm and Relleu. All cities lie within 4.5 to 19.4 km from Finestrat center. Buying a Home in Finestrat allows you to spend your vacation in nearby cities.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Finestrat?

Buying a home in Finestrat is an investment that’s worth it since the real estate prices have gone up significantly. In the last 2 years, average property prices in Finestrat have hit a peak of €2,649 per square meter in March 2022, increasing by 8.26% compared to March 2021 (€2,447).

Similarly, residential real estate rent increased 18% in March 2022 with €9,57 for a single month for one square meter compared to that of March 2021, which was €8,11 for a single month for an area of one square meter. Whether you sell or rent after buying a Home in Finestrat, you will earn a handsome profit.

Finestrat is known for its mild climate and sunshine (which lasts approximately 3 thousand hours a year). Therefore, buying a home in Finestrat would be perfect for you!

The closest international airport, Alicante – Elche, is 50 km away from Finestrat. Just a few minutes away from the A7, Finestrat is one of the most connected regions in Spain. Utilizing N332 has an excellent connection with some of Europe’s biggest destinations in terms of roads.

Buying a Home in Finestrat allow you to enjoy shopping at the open-air market in Cala de Finestrat. It’s close to the sea and has a lovely view. The market comprises various booths for products and souvenirs such as cured meat, vegetables, fresh fruits, books, other accessories, etc.

Living in the Finestrat gives you access to historical architecture and a peaceful lifestyle, with a relaxed atmosphere and the feeling of being close to nature.

Real Estate Prices in Finestrat

Numerous properties in Finestrat are made from materials of different styles and offer a variety of amenities. Chalet-style residences and wood houses reflect the core of Swiss architecture and wide-spaced villas and apartment buildings with solariums and terraces.

Many of the town’s structures are multi-story townhouses or flats built in the classic Spanish style. New apartment resorts with communal pools and outside balconies are the best value for money if you want to stay closer to the beach. If you want to pay a bit extra, there are luxury villas available.

The price varies depending on the real estate’s design, style, and location. For instance, the price of a Villa having 3 beds and 3 bathrooms with a total area of 367 square meters is €695,000, and the cost of a townhouse having 2 beds and 2 bathrooms comprising a total of 127 square meters is €159,900.

We’re a luxury real estate firm with extensive experience in the field. Locate your ideal home by contacting us today!

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Buying a Home in Benitachell

Buying a Home in Benitachell

Benitachell is a Spanish municipality in Alicante Province. It is located in the Valencian Community region of Spain and is part of the Valencian language area.

Benitachell is a popular place with 5,216 inhabitants in total, with a total area comprising of 12.65 square kilometers along with a population density of 410 people per square kilometer.

Buying a home in Benitachell is an opportunity you need to seize. Several cities, suburbs, towns, and localities exist close to Benitachell, including Teulada, Denia, Xalo, Vergel, Parcent, and Alcalali. It lies within a distance of 2.2 to 13.8 miles from the center of Benitachell.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Benitachell?

Buying a home in Benitachell is a big financial decision, and you should do so rationally. Benitachell has seen a significant rise in home prices over the past few months. The average price per sq. meter is €2661 – €3044, increasing +8.6% compared to some earlier months.

Buying a Home in Benitachell can be an affordable option instead of moving to Moraira or Javea, which can be quite costly. The cost of villas and apartments in Benitachell is substantially cheaper. Here, the long-term & short-term rentals are also great deals.

Benitachell weather is so pleasant all year round. With an average temperature of 18 ºC, it never gets too hot or too cold.

Benitachell has access to Alicante and Valencian International Airports. It’s about a 120 km distance from Valencia in the Southern part and 80 km from Alicante in the Northern part. So, buying a home in Benitachell provides you with an opportunity to enjoy an escape to the entire UK whenever you want.

You can experience a variety of amenities such as dentists, doctors, shops, supermarkets, and schools, and all lie within a drive of 10 to 15 minutes from your dream home.

Benitachell residents have seen tremendous success with crime prevention and improved their quality of life. There is an active neighborhood watch program and neighboring police forces close by. Residents feel safe with their well-protected community groups.

Buying a home in Benitachell is perfect for enjoying the outdoors. There are hiking trails, golf courses, horse riding, and plenty of beautiful snorkeling, sailing, or diving places.

Real Estate Prices in Benitachell

There is a wide variety of properties to choose from, from the basic to the luxurious. Prices start at less than 100,000 euros for two-bedroom apartments and reach 400,000 euros for luxury apartments. There are also lovely houses starting from around 150-250,000 euros. A luxury villa over €1 million would certainly provide one with a lavish lifestyle.

Spain may be nursing her wounds following the stunning rise and collapse of its housing market, but there are hints that the worst is gone. Following a series of corruption scandals, statistics reveal that property sales in Spain are slowly returning; brokers and developers in Spain are being scrutinized more closely; and there is now a good dosage of caution in the air.

Meanwhile, there are a plethora of low-cost houses available in Benitachell, due in part to an overstock of new properties. Right now, it’s a buyer’s market, and people are steadily returning to Spain as their confidence returns. If you do your homework, real estate in Spain may still be a smart investment if you’re in it for the long haul.

If you’d like to see the property, please don’t hesitate. Our agents are ready to show you around the neighborhood. We’ll be more than happy to meet with you and discuss your options for property for sale in Benitachell.

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Buying a Home in Benidorm

Buying a Home in Benidorm

Benidorm is a coastal town situated in the east of Spain and lies just on the well-known Costa Blanca within the Valencian region. Benidorm city has a total population of 68,777 with an area of about 38.51 km2 and has a population density of 1795 people per square kilometer.

There are several cities surrounding Benidorm, and it lies within a distance of 0 to 71 km. The popular cities include Santa Pola, Elche, Altea, Aspe and Dénia.

Buying a home in Benidorm is one way to make a smart investment. People travel to Benidorm, enjoying the scenic resorts, sea-scapes, and beaches. There are more than one million visitors each year, making it one of the most popular destinations on Costa Blanca.

Hotels in Benidorm constantly struggle to find vacancies as tourists flock to the city every year. As a result, many people prefer renting apartments or penthouses. This allows you to make money by renting your property should you consider buying a home in Benidorm.

Why Buy Benidorm Luxury Real Estate?

Benidorm-a city with a ton of entertainment options to whatever you’re looking for. Great nightlife and great parties, live concerts and bars, and great clubs & restaurants. Whether you’re young or old, there is always plenty to do.

The last few years have been very favorable for real estate in Benidorm, Spain. Foreign nationals have been flocking to the area, particularly for buying a home in Benidorm to sell it later or rent it out to earn handsome money.

Benidorm is a city on the Mediterranean Sea, which means it is hot and humid throughout the year. Of course, there are some cooler months, but summer in Benidorm has temperatures as hot as 85°F/29°C.

Benidorm has a lot of job openings that are often sought after because of its abundant availability and variety. The jobs usually aren’t limited to just one field but range from cooks, waiters, cleaners, real estate advisors, dancers, even animators, etc.

Benidorm has an average cost of living comparable with the global average. Around $1080 for a month, which is close to the world’s average cost of living, ranked 5330th out of 9294 around the world.

The standard of education in Benidorm is excellent as it prepares students for the future. Students from other countries study there so that they can easily find work abroad. So, if you are planning to buy a Home in Benidorm, there is a surety of qualitative education.

Spend your days relaxing on four kilometres of golden beaches, swimming and kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea, and strolling down Benidorm’s promenade to take in the city’s coastal attractions. This Spanish city, once a little town with olive and orange trees, today dazzles with its high-rise hotels and nonstop nightlife, yet the historic center, with its blue-domed 18th-century church and charming passageways, harkens back to a simpler era. Climbing into the adjacent Canfali hills rewards climbers with panoramic vistas, while nearby rocky coves expose undersea treasures for scuba divers. After a day in the sun, treat yourself to a feast of fresh seafood from the area.

Real Estate Prices in Benidorm

Many different property options in Benidorm cater to all desires, from studios to spacious villas, one-bedroom apartments with spectacular views, and unique townhouses with embedded pools.

If you need a studio, you can get one for 80,000€ with communal gardens or a pool, for 3-bedroom apartments for the residential purpose at €105,000. You can also find 2-bed apartments on complexes with pools and parking from € 150,000all the way up to €160.000.

With several years of experience in Real Estate, we can provide you with the latest luxury homes from several locations. Let us know if you’re searching to buy a home in Benidorm that meets certain criteria, such as cost-effectiveness, proximity to work, or fit with your personal preferences. We’ll take it from there!

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Buying a Home in Denia

Buying a Home in Dénia

Dénia, a Spanish coastal city, has its roots along the Mediterranean coast in the east of Spain. A popular destination spot in Costa Blanca lies in the north of Alicante, a city surrounded by beaches and sandy trails.

Buying a home in Dénia can make a great move for your financial future. Dénia has 42,166 people and a population density of 637.1 inhabitants per square kilometer, which means that many people live close to each other.

The cities lies closed to Dénia within a distance of 1 to 70 km include Gandia, Benidorm, Altea and Cullera.

Why Invest in Dénia Luxury Real Estate?

Buying a home in Dénia is popular and ample profitable today. Prices rose dramatically since 2017 and are currently much higher than they were 4 years ago. They increased nearly 8% compared to last year. This translates into more profit for homeowners every year!

Dénia is an important town halfway between Alicante and Valencia in the east of Spain that features two airports with flights to travel to various UK cities. Driving from either airport to Dénia can take about an hour if you take the toll road, called the AP7.

It is perfect for buying a home in Dénia for sportspeople because of its temperate climate and proximity to the water. You can fulfill many activities such as snorkeling, sailing, diving, kite-surfing, jet-skiing, and paddleboarding.

Dénia is the perfect destination for visitors and residents. Whether you’re in the mood for some beauty treatments by the sea, shopping at the outdoor Monday market, or just having a stroll to get in nature’s therapeutic sunlight on a sandy beach, there’s something for everyone here.

According to the urban Data Analyst report, buying a home in Dénia has provided an average return on investment of almost 8.95 percent in the past year. The report also says that more than three-quarters of Spanish apartments have been rented out.

The cost of living in Dénia is lower than living in many other popular areas. It’s considerably less expensive than places like Jávea and Benidorm.

Real Estate Prices in Dénia

You can choose from various options when it comes to property for sale in Dénia. From villas, townhouses, apartments, and semi-detached villas come with private or communal pools or no pools. One final option is purchasing a traditional tow in the center of Dénia without a pool but with all other traditional features.

Because of the low cost per square meter, it’s a popular destination for those looking to buy a home in Dénia. The average price of property per square meter is €1700. If you’re looking for a property that overlooks a body of water, you’ll be charged more. They typically range from between 20-50 thousand euros more than non-sea view properties.

Our team is available for client consultations. If you are interested in touring one of our properties, please let us know. We would also love to hear from you whether or not a property within your budget is a good fit!

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Buying a Home in Calpe

Buying a Home in Calpe

Calpe is one of the most popular towns located on the north side of Costa Blanca. Altea is north of Calpe city, and Denia is in the south. Calpe is a beautiful part of the Mediterranean coast that attracts tourists from all around the world.

The population of Calpe comprises around 30,000, with a total percentage of 58% foreign nationals.

The Calpe’s towns or cities lie within a 0 to 30 km range, including Altea la Vieja, Benissa, Teulada and Lliber.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate In Calpe?

This town is a popular destination for buying a home in Calpe, within the Costa Blanca region. It’s also easy for people to come from international airports in Alicante and Valencia, with most having access to the A7 and N332 highways, respectively. These routes take just an hour to reach Calpe, so it’s super convenient and quick!

Choose properties including villas, apartments for buying a home in Calpe, and you’ll have a myriad of options of styles, sizes, and prices. If you need a break from real-life’s stressors, this is one of the best spots to put down roots.

People in Calpe have an affordable price for living, making it one of the most cost-effective places to live in Europe. It ranks in the top 40% of the global list and costs only about $9k a year for a typical person to live.

Calpe’s landscape is beautiful and offers regular activities to do outside, whether walking, surfing, hiking, or just riding. It’s a compact city with no big crowds, no heavy traffic, and it’s the perfect spot to enjoy nature while you live by the sea.

If you are a fan of climbing, large open spaces, and camping in a remote location, then the Peñon de Ifach is the ideal place for you to stay in.

You can explore ancient Roman monuments and old narrow streets to get the most out of your time there. The museums, craft shops, galleries provide a great experience for those looking to connect with the culture.

Calpe has a Mediterranean climate, with 300 sunny days each year and the average temperature equal to almost 20 degrees Celsius. The climate makes it a favorite destination for residents and ample visitors all year.

Real Estate Prices in Calpe

If you want to buy property in Calpe, make sure you’re prepared to spend €2,050/m2. Many factors can drive up the cost of the property, including location and infrastructure, condition of the property, need for maintenance, etc.

Experts are predicting property prices will continue to rise in 2022. You can predict where they will go specifically, with property prices in Calpe going up by 2%. So, it is safe for you to invest for some real profit either way of renting or selling your property.

Would you like to tour the property before buying a home in Calpe? Our team is available for client consultations. Meet with one of our seasoned professionals to see if the property for sale in Calpe is right for you!

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Buying a Home in Altea

Buying a Home in Altea

Altea is a Spanish municipality in Alicante province with roots in the Valencian community. It is in Marina Baixa and has the dominant population of the Valencian-speaking language. One of the most well-known towns of Costa Blanca is Altea, situated on the Mediterranean coast.

Altea is a beautiful coastal town with a total population of 20,000, and in the high season, this goes beyond 50,000, making it an ideal destination for those looking to rent their properties. The time between June and August is classified as high season. April, May, September, and October also show more rentals.

The popular surrounding cities that lie within the range of 70 km include Benidorm, Oliva, Aspe, Ibi, Elche, and Cullera. You can easily get anywhere you want.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Altea?

The province of Alicante has seen a significant rise in property prices to almost 12.20% over the past five years. It is now more prudent to invest in a home in Altea due to their success rates of rental or permanent residences.

Altea is positioned in a part of the world with amazing weather, as its average temperature is 18-20°C throughout the entire year.

Tax rates in the region are the lowest. For example, homeowners in this area only have to pay property taxes that are half the rate of what it would be in France when it comes to residence taxes or ownership taxes.

Altea is close to all major cities in the European region. A 40-minute flight from Alicante or 1 hour and 15 minutes from Valencia flights provide affordable air travel no matter where you need to go.

Food prices are significantly lower in Europe than in many other countries, including France, the UK, and Germany. Most sectors are also cheaper here than abroad.

Create the perfect getaway for your family! Enjoy stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and participate in fun activities such as golf, tennis, jet-skiing, parasailing, etc. There are also plenty of zoos, aquariums, and theme parks.

Real Estate Prices in Altea

There are several options to consider buying a home in Altea, including modern semi detached, village houses, country houses, apartments, or villas. What’s more, they are all affordable regardless of your budget. With the average cost of 2,786 Euros per square meter, Altea can give you a pleasant home for just a fraction of the price.

With sufficient experience in luxury real estate. Whether you’re looking for buying a home in Altea with a specific theme, its proximity to work, or something else entirely, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or needs, we’re here for you.

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Buying a Home in Torrevieja

Home in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a town along the seaside, situated on Costa Blanca within the Alicante province, along with the Valencian community in the southern region and on the southeast part of the Mediterranean coast in Spain.

Torrevieja is considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities, with nearly 100,000 people living inside the city limits. The Spanish people don’t dominate Torrevieja alone. There are also many other nationalities in the country, 5% German, 15% British, 5% Russian, 5% Scandinavian, so 30% of the population is composed of other nationalities.

There are various towns located in the range of 7 to 26 km in the surrounding of Torrevieja including Los Montesinos, Rojales, San Fulgencio, Daya Vieja and Dolores.

Alicante is the nearest airport to Torrevieja, with flights to most major European cities only about 30 minutes away. The city is connected in a few key ways, like the A-7 motorway connection that runs through Spain, and Torrevieja also has a complementary road network such as N-332 & N-340. You can easily get to nearby towns whenever you want from your home in Torrevieja.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Torrevieja?

Torrevieja has a primary care centre and places to receive medical care in an emergency. The University Hospital of Torrevieja and the privately-run hospital Quirón Torrevieja are the major hospitals in town.

It is smart to purchase a home in Torrevieja in the tourist area to rent it out during high occupancy periods. There is a high chance that this will lead to increased profits as more people will want to stay in the area.

Many public and private schools in the area deliver quality education to meet immediate development needs.

The abundance of beaches and ample salty lagoons near the city, the 320 days of sunshine per year, and mild microclimate create a truly magical experience to own a home in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja is surrounded by many restaurants and bars catering to all tastes. The local produce they sell and the seafood and international cuisine available there help make this city a popular destination.

The cost of living in Torrevieja is quite affordable compared to much of the rest. It’s ranked 5427th on a list of 9294 as per recent global studies.

You’ll find dozens of open positions for your skillset at one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Torrevieja. Get a well-paid work placement on location with one of the leading local companies.

Real Estate Prices in Torrevieja

There are various property for sale options, including apartments, townhouses and terraced houses. It’s easy to find the right property that suits you and the area you want to have a home in Torrevieja.

The cost per square meter in Torrevieja is about € 1,716. This is 5.21% lower than the average price per square meter in the neighbouring Alicante city. The property prices in Torrevieja have increased since 2013 as they were € 1,050 per square meter and continue to do so. This makes this town the best place for a home or business investment.

Let’s find your dream home in Torrevieja! We have various real estate services, including luxury homes and several options on the budget for all. No matter what you’re looking for in a new home, we can help make that happen. Contact us today to let us know how we can be of assistance with any real estate needs!

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Buying a Home in Guardamar del Segura

Home in Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura, with approximately 16,000, is one of the smallest municipalities in Spain. It is located east of the country and has an area of 36 km2.

The town is close to Costa Blanca, making it a perfect place to live or have a second home in Guardamar del Segura. It is only a short distance from all of the important sites on the coast, such as Torrevieja and Alicante. Roads allow you to travel through and access nearby towns and ample villages easily.

Why Buy a Home in Guardamar del Segura?

One great advantage of buying a home in Guardamar del Segura is the proximity of the international airport of Alicante. You can get downtown in just 45 minutes by car, so you’re guaranteed easy access to your flight home!

Guardamar del Segura is becoming more and more popular every year. This town has a lot to offer to tourists and people who want to stay for a long time. It’s also an affordable vacation destination.

Guardamar del Segura is a town that offers many features for those individuals who are looking for the perfect place to call home. Aside from being a peaceful area, it is also said to be time-passing slowly by providing us with nature’s beauty.

Reasons to Invest in Guardamar del Segura Luxury Real Estate

  • The climate changes over the year in most places. But the most important thing is the reliability of the climate in Guardamar del Segura – it will be sunny and not too cold during summer and winter.
  • Guardamar is blessed with an incredibly diverse landscape. Green areas, majestic beaches, and natural dunes make it the perfect destination for your next vacation.
  • Instead of Guardamar del Segura’s small size, the city has some noteworthy attractions. The Alfonso XIII and Reina Sofia parks are beautiful and encourage spending time outdoors. They provide plenty of opportunities for active recreation like windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, etc. The natural beauty of guardamar del segura is undeniable.
  • The delightful Odessa is a delight for young people and seniors. With plenty of peace, quiet, and pine forests, you’ll have time to soak in pristine nature.
  • People who have a property in Spain usually live there and rent Guardamar del Segura property out to visitors while they’re gone. You can sell it or auction it off as a vacation home when you don’t need the property.

Property Prices in Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura has 1,406 houses, apartments, villas for sale. The average price of a single property for sale is € 196,033, and the average price per square meter is € 2500.

Purchasing a property in Guardamar del Segura is complicated, but with our help, you can be ready to secure the best one for your needs. We are an established business with decades of experience and renowned for our high-quality service.

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Buying a Home in Relleu

Home in Relleu

Own your own home in Relleu, or just rent. Join thousands of people already living in their dream home, in the most desirable location on Earth.

The town of Relleu is typical and peaceful, found in the hills on the Sierra l’Aguilar. With its location in Spain countryside, you will be able to enjoy their history while still being close enough to everything that makes Costa Blanca so popular.

When looking for a home in Relleu, you won’t have to go far, since is located just 7 km away from the Villajoyosa beaches and is 400 meters above sea level. About 1,400 people live here, 600 of whom are ex-pats who have been integrated into the community, with their home in Relleu, for quite some time.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate In Relleu?

The valleys and mountain views from home in Relleu are spectacular. Some even have sea views, making them perfect for those looking for a seaside retreat. Many distinctive landmarks like the round-shaped Puig Campana mountain feature a square hole on top. It is worth investing in Relleu.

This area is different from the coastline because it is more temperate. The olive groves and vast orchards make for a great backdrop, and the village itself has interesting historical details.

An hour from Alicante airport, 20 minutes drive away from the Costa Blanca beaches (including the quaint Costa Blanca towns of Benidorm & Villajoyosa), and a 10-minute drive to Finestrat‘s shopping mall. The community boasts a low crime rate and a laid-back lifestyle, who wouldn’t love a home in Relleu?

The village of Relleu is well-connected with all the necessary amenities. There’s a restaurant, supermarket, banks, bars, pharmacy, bakery, and a butcher nearby. The weekly market also attracts many residents and visitors from neighbouring villages and towns. If you’re considering a new living space or an investment home in Relleu, this town is just perfect.

Real Estate Prices in Relleu

Relleu offers a huge selection of property for sale in all price ranges, making it the ultimate choice for moving. As per the current market rates, more than 60 properties are on sale in the area with an average price of €363,622, and the cost per square meter is around € 16,907.

We can help you find exactly the best new property for sale right in the center of the town! We have access to all the top locales, and we’d love to help you go out of your way to make your dream home in Relleu a reality. Reach out to us today so that we can provide even more assistance.

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