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Buying a Home in Torrevieja

Home in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a town along the seaside, situated on Costa Blanca within the Alicante province, along with the Valencian community in the southern region and on the southeast part of the Mediterranean coast in Spain.

Torrevieja is considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities, with nearly 100,000 people living inside the city limits. The Spanish people don’t dominate Torrevieja alone. There are also many other nationalities in the country, 5% German, 15% British, 5% Russian, 5% Scandinavian, so 30% of the population is composed of other nationalities.

There are various towns located in the range of 7 to 26 km in the surrounding of Torrevieja including Los Montesinos, Rojales, San Fulgencio, Daya Vieja and Dolores.

Alicante is the nearest airport to Torrevieja, with flights to most major European cities only about 30 minutes away. The city is connected in a few key ways, like the A-7 motorway connection that runs through Spain, and Torrevieja also has a complementary road network such as N-332 & N-340. You can easily get to nearby towns whenever you want from your home in Torrevieja.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Torrevieja?

Torrevieja has a primary care centre and places to receive medical care in an emergency. The University Hospital of Torrevieja and the privately-run hospital Quirón Torrevieja are the major hospitals in town.

It is smart to purchase a home in Torrevieja in the tourist area to rent it out during high occupancy periods. There is a high chance that this will lead to increased profits as more people will want to stay in the area.

Many public and private schools in the area deliver quality education to meet immediate development needs.

The abundance of beaches and ample salty lagoons near the city, the 320 days of sunshine per year, and mild microclimate create a truly magical experience to own a home in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja is surrounded by many restaurants and bars catering to all tastes. The local produce they sell and the seafood and international cuisine available there help make this city a popular destination.

The cost of living in Torrevieja is quite affordable compared to much of the rest. It’s ranked 5427th on a list of 9294 as per recent global studies.

You’ll find dozens of open positions for your skillset at one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Torrevieja. Get a well-paid work placement on location with one of the leading local companies.

Real Estate Prices in Torrevieja

There are various property for sale options, including apartments, townhouses and terraced houses. It’s easy to find the right property that suits you and the area you want to have a home in Torrevieja.

The cost per square meter in Torrevieja is about € 1,716. This is 5.21% lower than the average price per square meter in the neighbouring Alicante city. The property prices in Torrevieja have increased since 2013 as they were € 1,050 per square meter and continue to do so. This makes this town the best place for a home or business investment.

Let’s find your dream home in Torrevieja! We have various real estate services, including luxury homes and several options on the budget for all. No matter what you’re looking for in a new home, we can help make that happen. Contact us today to let us know how we can be of assistance with any real estate needs!

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Buying a Home in Guardamar del Segura

Home in Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura, with approximately 16,000, is one of the smallest municipalities in Spain. It is located east of the country and has an area of 36 km2.

The town is close to Costa Blanca, making it a perfect place to live or have a second home in Guardamar del Segura. It is only a short distance from all of the important sites on the coast, such as Torrevieja and Alicante. Roads allow you to travel through and access nearby towns and ample villages easily.

Why Buy a Home in Guardamar del Segura?

One great advantage of buying a home in Guardamar del Segura is the proximity of the international airport of Alicante. You can get downtown in just 45 minutes by car, so you’re guaranteed easy access to your flight home!

Guardamar del Segura is becoming more and more popular every year. This town has a lot to offer to tourists and people who want to stay for a long time. It’s also an affordable vacation destination.

Guardamar del Segura is a town that offers many features for those individuals who are looking for the perfect place to call home. Aside from being a peaceful area, it is also said to be time-passing slowly by providing us with nature’s beauty.

Reasons to Invest in Guardamar del Segura Luxury Real Estate

  • The climate changes over the year in most places. But the most important thing is the reliability of the climate in Guardamar del Segura – it will be sunny and not too cold during summer and winter.
  • Guardamar is blessed with an incredibly diverse landscape. Green areas, majestic beaches, and natural dunes make it the perfect destination for your next vacation.
  • Instead of Guardamar del Segura’s small size, the city has some noteworthy attractions. The Alfonso XIII and Reina Sofia parks are beautiful and encourage spending time outdoors. They provide plenty of opportunities for active recreation like windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, kayaking, etc. The natural beauty of guardamar del segura is undeniable.
  • The delightful Odessa is a delight for young people and seniors. With plenty of peace, quiet, and pine forests, you’ll have time to soak in pristine nature.
  • People who have a property in Spain usually live there and rent Guardamar del Segura property out to visitors while they’re gone. You can sell it or auction it off as a vacation home when you don’t need the property.

Property Prices in Guardamar del Segura

Guardamar del Segura has 1,406 houses, apartments, villas for sale. The average price of a single property for sale is € 196,033, and the average price per square meter is € 2500.

Purchasing a property in Guardamar del Segura is complicated, but with our help, you can be ready to secure the best one for your needs. We are an established business with decades of experience and renowned for our high-quality service.

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Buying a Home in Relleu

Home in Relleu

Own your own home in Relleu, or just rent. Join thousands of people already living in their dream home, in the most desirable location on Earth.

The town of Relleu is typical and peaceful, found in the hills on the Sierra l’Aguilar. With its location in Spain countryside, you will be able to enjoy their history while still being close enough to everything that makes Costa Blanca so popular.

When looking for a home in Relleu, you won’t have to go far, since is located just 7 km away from the Villajoyosa beaches and is 400 meters above sea level. About 1,400 people live here, 600 of whom are ex-pats who have been integrated into the community, with their home in Relleu, for quite some time.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate In Relleu?

The valleys and mountain views from home in Relleu are spectacular. Some even have sea views, making them perfect for those looking for a seaside retreat. Many distinctive landmarks like the round-shaped Puig Campana mountain feature a square hole on top. It is worth investing in Relleu.

This area is different from the coastline because it is more temperate. The olive groves and vast orchards make for a great backdrop, and the village itself has interesting historical details.

An hour from Alicante airport, 20 minutes drive away from the Costa Blanca beaches (including the quaint Costa Blanca towns of Benidorm & Villajoyosa), and a 10-minute drive to Finestrat‘s shopping mall. The community boasts a low crime rate and a laid-back lifestyle, who wouldn’t love a home in Relleu?

The village of Relleu is well-connected with all the necessary amenities. There’s a restaurant, supermarket, banks, bars, pharmacy, bakery, and a butcher nearby. The weekly market also attracts many residents and visitors from neighbouring villages and towns. If you’re considering a new living space or an investment home in Relleu, this town is just perfect.

Real Estate Prices in Relleu

Relleu offers a huge selection of property for sale in all price ranges, making it the ultimate choice for moving. As per the current market rates, more than 60 properties are on sale in the area with an average price of €363,622, and the cost per square meter is around € 16,907.

We can help you find exactly the best new property for sale right in the center of the town! We have access to all the top locales, and we’d love to help you go out of your way to make your dream home in Relleu a reality. Reach out to us today so that we can provide even more assistance.

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Buying a Home in Santa Pola

Home in Santa Pola

Santa Pola is a pretty popular destination and attracts many investors. The sea location, proximity to the airport, and ample spaciousness are just a few things that make Santa Pola attractive for businesses or investors.

Santa Pola is a town in the region of Valencia within Alicante province. It can be found in the Baix Vinalopo district and features a Valencian language dominant population.

Many international residents, own a home in Santa Pola, with over 14% residing in Spain from various countries, including the UK. Santa Pola is a town with a population of 34,000.

Why buy Luxury Real Estate in Santa Pola?

Santa Pola is known for its rich history and beautiful green parks. The stunning beaches and captivating sea-life form the core of the town’s entertainment industry.

There are a variety of very well-paying jobs to choose from in this area. The town has two major employers: the salt works and the harbour. The two major employers are very popular, especially the salt works– it’s a great place to get employment opportunities.

Farming, fishing, and craft-making are some of the well-known trades in this area.

This town is great for people looking for a place to base their business or vacation home in Santa Pola. It also puts you close to many cities and towns, including Alicante, Elche, and Torrevieja, and in the area. A striking feature of the area is the unspoiled golden and sandy beaches, which are great for property seekers.

Santa Pola is a great place to live as it provides you with affordable food and a good public transport system.

There is a large market for property in Santa Pola with international buyers. A lot of accommodations in this area have spectacular views of the ocean. You’ll be able to spend some time relaxing close to the beach or enjoy amazing sunsets from your balcony.

Real Estate Prices in Santa Pola

Santa Pola is a perfect place for someone looking for a property close to the city but in a more affordable price range. You can find great apartments, bungalows, flats in town or on the city’s outskirts at very low prices.

Santa Pola’s housing prices in the beach area are lower than in other areas – there are even apartment deals for about 70,000 Euros! Investment opportunities seem to be best in the Tamarit – Playa Lissa districts (1,459 Euros per sq. m.) and Puerto (1,596 Euros per sq. m.).

When looking for properties that cost more than what the market offers, you need to work with a reliable real estate agency. Contact us today to get a guided tour of the home in Santa Pola you are interested in. Let our practiced luxury real estate specialists introduce you to the best property for sale as per your needs!

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Buying a Home in Rojales

Home in Rojales

Imagine waking up each day and looking out of your window to see the view you have always dreamed of. This innovative concept is not just possible – it’s already happening!

Home in Rojales is the best investment you can make! Rojales is located in Alicante‘s inland region, away from the Mediterranean Sea. This town has a beautiful scenic coastline and is popular with tourists and locals alike. Many people here are ethnically diverse and share all different cultural beliefs.

One of the many reasons you chose to buy a home in Rojales is that this town’s peace and tranquillity are abundant. Those who have their home in Rojales can rest easy knowing they aren’t disturbed, making it one of the best.

Why Buy Rojales Luxury Real Estate?

Rojales has excellent weather, with mild temperatures and beaches for vacationers to enjoy. People looking for vacations find the city an ideal destination to unwind from a busy schedule. To avoid uncomfortable chilly mornings and welcome a warm day, why not try new home in Rojales.

In Rojales, you can get the perfect combination of fun and relaxing vibes and some ceviche fresh from the sea!

Vacationers can relax and unwind at outdoor facilities in some of the most beautiful places near Rojales, including golf courses, water parks, and leisure areas with spectacular views.

Even if you’re looking for a great place to stay near the golden beaches in the south of the Mediterranean coast, you won’t find one as close and convenient as Rojales. Its beautiful surroundings and exceptional proximity to beaches make an ideal beachside retreat.

A home in Rojales means it can offer you the best options with a wide selection of houses, villas, and apartments at a fraction of the price affordable for all. Being in the town or the neighbouring areas as, Ciudad Quesada, La Marquesa Golf, Lo Pepin, among others.

Real Estate Prices in Rojales

Rojales provide you with the best value for money apartments in Spain, one-bedroom apartments starting at €60,000 and spacious two-bedroom apartments at €100,000. They also come with a lot of perks. The price also depends on the property’s location and design. You can choose a home in Rojales according on your budget.

Our professional staff is available 24/7, so we’ll help you find the right property for sale in Rojales in no time at all. Just give us a call or email, and we’ll work with you to find your dream home today!

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Buying a Home in Orihuela

Home in Orihuela

If you’re thinking about buying property in Spain, look into the Orihuela region. Orihuela is a municipality located within the province of Alicante in Spain, and it’s also located within a designated part of the Valencian Community. The Vega Baja del Segura is a location found in Orihuela, and it is where the majority of people in Spain can speak Castilian Spanish.

The city has 31,750 inhabitants in the centre and 20,006 on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. In Huerta Orihuela, there are 23,253 people spread across small villages. The city is also crossed by the Segura River, which is one of its most important watercourses.

Why buy Luxury Real Estate in Orihuela?

Spain has a wide range of locations with different climates, such as Cabo Roig, Playa Flamenca, Punta Prima, Villamartín, among others. One that is particularly popular is the Orihuela town, which provides 300 days of sunshine and a beautiful beach community.

So, it makes sense that second home sales and retirement home in Orihuela are becoming more and more popular! There are several affordable options for people looking to buy a property.

Olihuera has been highly praised for its large shopping centre Zenia Boulevard. It features friendly outdoor areas, fountains, frequent concerts and an urban feel not found elsewhere in the province.

There are many different places where you can enjoy a meal with the perfect view. Some of these places even offer fantastic lounges and dining opportunities too, close to your home in Orihuela.

There’s a strong property rental market for long term and holiday rentals in the Orihuela Costa, providing great investment opportunities. With amenities such as beaches and year-round vitality, it offers a great lifestyle for a home in Orihuela.

Last year saw a 10% increase in property values from the previous year. Orihuela housing market has been slowly improving since the 2008 crash, and the Orihuela Costa is one place to watch for sustained growth as it’s not been hit as hard.

Real Estate Prices in Orihuela

With several attractive properties and cheap price tags, the Orihuela offers you the most economical places to purchase property for sale in Spain–one-bedroom apartments for €60,000 and 2-bedrooms for €100,000.

If you would like to learn more about buying property in the Orihuela and other surrounding parts of Spain or know more about Spanish property professionals, such as estate agents, lawyers, mortgage advisers and currency specialists on your behalf; then no problem. We’re here to help. Feel free to reach out anytime.

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Buying a Home in Elche

Home in Elche

Elche is a popular tourist destination with over 232,000, making it the second-largest in Alicante and the third in the Valencian Community.

The municipality occupies 326.07 km2 and is defined by various natural landscapes and prospects: the countryside, coastline, and mountains. Among their boundaries are 33 neighbouring communities, such as, Albatera, Santa Pola, Dolores, Aspe and San Isidro, among others.

Why Buy Real Estate in Elche?

Elche’s position in Spain puts it on the Mediterranean coast at the center of a large area known as the Spanish Mediterranean Basin. This region is one of Europe’s fastest-growing areas.

The town is rich in human, social and ample cultural resources, offering world-class ratings socially and economically. This has served as a key factor in supporting progress and quality of life – which have allowed the city to compete in the region and making it a preferred location for a home in Elche.

Elche is a vibrant, business-friendly city with abundant job opportunities and excellent location factors for businesses.

The Elche City Authorities have a development policy built on the idea of quality while also thinking about sustainability. They encourage the compatibility of economic ventures and protect natural resources, which results in high-value projects for a home in Elche.

Reasons To Invest in Elche Luxury Real Estate

  • Transportation within the often-crowded Mediterranean Corridor can be a hassle, but with a common mode of transportation, including air, land, and water, getting from point A to point B is relatively easy.
  • You can get to Alicante through Via Praque, Murcia by utilizing the Autovia del Mediterraneo way, Madrid through Autovia A – 31, and Barcelona through the Autopista del Mediterraneo.
  • Elche has a vast workforce and is well known for its ability to adapt to the dynamic requirements of the labor market. The labor force here is also qualified and will help you grow your business to be successful, innovative, and enterprising.
  • Elche is a great option for companies who need business premises in strategic locations with good access or have not found the right fit elsewhere. They have affordable prices and quality services to their industrial and commercial properties.
  • Education in Elche covers all of your needs, from public school to university courses. Elche has secondary schools and education centers, which are popular among parents. Technical colleges can give you a great start if you want to build on your career and a home in Elche.
  • The Vinalopó Hospital, University General Hospital, and the private hospital in Elche provide different levels of health services, with their goal being to provide support to their patients at a national level.

Real Estate Prices in Elche

There are many renting and selling options available at varied prices for those living, working, or traveling in the city or places close by. For travelers on long road trips, various types of accommodation are available both for practice and sale to provide comfortable holiday stays.

An estimated 1,182 properties for sale, including homes, apartments, or villas in Elche, have property prices averaging €219402 or higher, with the average cost at €1257 per square meter.

We can help you find your perfect home in Elche. Whether it’s a luxury home or something more modest that suits your needs, we can help. Contact us today, and let’s see what we can do to get you in your dream home!

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Buying a Home on the Costa Blanca

Home on the Costa Blanca

Spain has no shortage of coastline, and everyone has their opinion about which section of the country has the most beautiful beaches. There is no doubt that Costa Blanca ranks up there as one of the finest areas in the country. The 200 kilometer stretch of coastline through the province of Alicante is sprinkled with quaint villages plus a few larger tourism hubs like Benidorm and Torrevieja.

Whether you’re looking for an investment property, retirement home, or even just a place to vacation, the Costa Blanca may be the perfect part of Spain for your next home. If you’re interested in purchasing a home on the Costa Blanca, check our mini-guide below!

Why Buy a home on the Costa Blanca

If you’re looking for property for sale in Costa Blanca, then you’re probably already familiar with Spain’s allure. The Costa Blanca, or the White Coast, has all of the perks as the rest of Spain and then some. Spain is known for its low cost of living, top-tier healthcare system, and high quality of life.

Along the Costa Blanca, you’ll find all of those perks plus the gorgeous white-sand beaches that the region is named after. The year-round sun keeps the turquoise waters sparkling throughout the area. There are countless beaches and coves along the coast for soaking up the sun. The Costa Blanca has continuously attracted tourists from Spain and the surrounding countries, making the area perfect for investment properties and summer homes.

Of course, you’ll find the healthy yet delicious Mediterranean diet that the area is known for. There are also plenty of mountains, vineyards, marinas, golf courses, and shopping to keep you entertained after moving to your home on the Costa Blanca.

Property Prices in the Costa Blanca

Overall, property in Spain is much more affordable than in many other European countries. However, since this area is known for its tourism, home on the Costa Blanca can be priced higher than in other parts of the country. Thanks to national and international tourism, new construction and growth in the area will likely continue and opportunities for buying a home on the costa del sol will increase.

Real Estate in Costa Blanca – North and South

The region is split into two areas, north and south, and you can’t go wrong no matter which end you choose. To the north, you’ll see mountains on one side with the sea on the other, creating many gorgeous cliffs, caves, and coves. In addition, there are many well-known resort areas, like Benidorm, a favourite among international visitors.

The south is a bit flatter, known for its wide, white-sand beaches. It tends to be a bit more affordable than the north but is still home to gorgeous resort areas and little towns that are worth checking out.

That being said, besides a home on the Costa Blanca, you’ll be able to find properties suitable for all types of budgets. On the lower end, you can purchase a lovely apartment in one of the smaller towns starting for around 150,000 euros. If you’re looking for something on the higher-end in one of the more sought-after resort areas, prices can reach multimillions.

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