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Buying a Home in Santa Pola

Home in Santa Pola

Santa Pola is a pretty popular destination and attracts many investors. The sea location, proximity to the airport, and ample spaciousness are just a few things that make Santa Pola attractive for businesses or investors.

Santa Pola is a town in the region of Valencia within Alicante province. It can be found in the Baix Vinalopo district and features a Valencian language dominant population.

Many international residents, own a home in Santa Pola, with over 14% residing in Spain from various countries, including the UK. Santa Pola is a town with a population of 34,000.

Why buy Luxury Real Estate in Santa Pola?

Santa Pola is known for its rich history and beautiful green parks. The stunning beaches and captivating sea-life form the core of the town’s entertainment industry.

There are a variety of very well-paying jobs to choose from in this area. The town has two major employers: the salt works and the harbour. The two major employers are very popular, especially the salt works– it’s a great place to get employment opportunities.

Farming, fishing, and craft-making are some of the well-known trades in this area.

This town is great for people looking for a place to base their business or vacation home in Santa Pola. It also puts you close to many cities and towns, including Alicante, Elche, and Torrevieja, and in the area. A striking feature of the area is the unspoiled golden and sandy beaches, which are great for property seekers.

Santa Pola is a great place to live as it provides you with affordable food and a good public transport system.

There is a large market for property in Santa Pola with international buyers. A lot of accommodations in this area have spectacular views of the ocean. You’ll be able to spend some time relaxing close to the beach or enjoy amazing sunsets from your balcony.

Real Estate Prices in Santa Pola

Santa Pola is a perfect place for someone looking for a property close to the city but in a more affordable price range. You can find great apartments, bungalows, flats in town or on the city’s outskirts at very low prices.

Santa Pola’s housing prices in the beach area are lower than in other areas – there are even apartment deals for about 70,000 Euros! Investment opportunities seem to be best in the Tamarit – Playa Lissa districts (1,459 Euros per sq. m.) and Puerto (1,596 Euros per sq. m.).

When looking for properties that cost more than what the market offers, you need to work with a reliable real estate agency. Contact us today to get a guided tour of the home in Santa Pola you are interested in. Let our practiced luxury real estate specialists introduce you to the best property for sale as per your needs!

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