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Buying a Home in Mazarron

Buying a Home in Mazarron

Mazarron is a small town located within the region of Murcia and situated on Costa Calida in Spain. It has a long history of mining and ample traditions of fishing.

Mazarron has a population of about 31,562 inhabitants living over a total area of 319 square kilometres making up a population density of 98.94 people per square kilometre.

One reason for buying a home in Mazarron for you is that multiple cities reside close to the Mazarron town within 54 kilometres from the city centre. Some of the main cities include Totana, San Javier, Cartagena, Aguilas, Torre Pacheco, La Union, Alcantarilla, Molina de Segura, San Pedro del Pinatar and Mula. You can spend your off days in any of the towns mentioned above.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Mazarron?

Imagine living in one of the fastest-growing regions of Europe, where it’s never too late to buy your first home. Mazarron’s average house prices will skyrocket by 4.3% in 2021 and 4% in 2022. House prices are rising faster than ever, so why wait for buying a home in Mazarron?

Many people in Mazarron, Spain, rent apartments or homes instead of buying. This is because they cannot afford it. This area draws in visitors from all over the world, thus renting your home when you are not living there is the best way to earn handsome profit.

The climate of Mazarron is a blessing! It has around 315 sunny days per year, and there are 12-140C minimum temperatures in the winter season. The summertime is slightly warmer, with average temperatures of 18-200C minimum. 

Mazarrón health center is on Calle Sierra de Carche, and they offer dental services at the clinic on Avenida Tierno Galvan in Mazarron. If you need emergency care go to SUAP Mazarron; otherwise, the option exists to head to the nearest clinical facility in Cartagena.

The original economy of Mazarron is based on agriculture and fishing, but now the small town is mostly gaining employment opportunities from tourism.

The town has a central bus station and taxi rank. Buses provide you with the means to travel around the city. The closest airport is Murcia International. As it’s not too far away, the estimated outbound travel time can be just over an hour by car. Alicante International Airport is a little further away, but the estimated travel time falls within an hour by car.

This town is an excellent choice for buying a home in Mazarron for those looking for more affordable housing and dining options. The costs of eating out and going to the local theatre or other entertainment venues are low.

There are many amenities in the village surrounding, such as banks & schools. There are also all different types of education levels. The town is perfect for everybody to live in!

Real Estate Prices in Mazarron

With various available property types, you can choose anyone for buying a home in Mazarron that suits you best. All have unique attributes, from apartments, one-story bungalows and plots to terraced villas on one of the heights. With two or three-bedroom villas available, you can find your perfect getaway with stunning sea views.

The average price of the homes for sale in Mazarrón is € 171,590. With an average price per square meter of € 1,228, this city is one of the best places to invest in or buy a home in Mazarron in terms of value.

Whether you need to buy or sell a house, we will always do our best to help you get the most out of your investment with impressive service and a trustworthy reputation. We take pride in everything we do and want to ensure that our clients are happy with their purchases. We are just a call away!

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