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Buying a Home in Monte Halcones

Buying a Home in Monte Halcones

Monte Halcones is a quaint little neighborhood that sits right in Málaga. It’s close to La Quinta and steps away from Los Flamingos!

Nestled in a lush, tropical garden with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean coastline, Monte Halcones is a hidden oasis in the middle of bustling, urbanized streets.

The localities that sit in the surroundings of Monte Halcones include El Madroñal, La Heredia, Los Flamingos, Monte Halcones and Benahavís. Buying a home in Monte Halcones allows you to get into any of the above localities by traveling just 7.03 to 18.64 kilometers.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Monte Halcones?

Monte Halcones offers a calm and peaceful life close to all you need without having the high cost of living in Marbella.

You don’t find the bus services here more often, but you will get access to taxi services that will take you straight to the airport within an hour.

Monte Halcones is a small town with limited job and business opportunities, but there are plenty of openings nearby Marbella. Thus, buying a home in Monte Halcones will leave you satisfied economically.

The hospital in Marbella is just a stone’s throw away and provides you with all the healthcare services that your heart desires while being closer to home than other options for those who prefer not to make long journeys.

Benahavís, close to Monte Halcones, is home to some of Spain’s best schools. The Atalaya college offers access to English-language instruction and bilingual classes for students who prefer more immersion. A short drive away lies another international elementary school in Estepona that can accommodate your child’s educational needs too!

Monte Halcones provide you with a genre of options for housing, including villa, apartment, detached houses, country house, and much more.

Real Estate Prices in Monte Halcones

The market for buying a home in Monte Halcones is becoming more competitive with each passing day. In May of 2022, buyers requested an average of €3.770 per sqm, which represents a 19% increase over last year’s rate at the same time!

The rent cost for buying a home in Monte Halcones in May 2022 was about 12 euros per month, up 9% from last year. The average price for residential rentals during May 2021 was about €11 monthly per sqm.

Buying a home in Monte Halcones is the perfect investment for those who want to diversify their assets and increase wealth. The returns are stable, with little risk involved compared to other investments like stocks or bonds!

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Buying a Home in Los Arqueros

Buying a Home in Los Arqueros

Los Arqueros is a small town with spectacular views in the northern part of San Pedro de Alcántara. It is located high up on the mountain road to Ronda. You’ll be able to see the gorgeous coastline, Rif Mountains in Morocco, and the Mediterranean from this position.

The famous cities and towns near Los Arqueros include El Madroñal, La Heredia, Los Flamingos, Monte Halcones and Benahavís. After buying a home in Los Arqueros, you are within 7.56 to 13.31 kilometers of these towns and cities.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Los Arqueros?

The cost of food, entertainment, and leisure activities will vary depending on what kind of income level suits best – but even then, it may still be cheaper than nearby coastal resorts in Spain!

Los Arqueros is home to several schools that provide education for children from the local Spanish state system and international settings.

Los Arqueros is a town filled with medical professionals. Several clinics and private practices in the area are all well-known for their expertise in various treatments. The proximity to a well-reputed maternity hospital, nursing school, and several other hospitals in the area make this an ideal place to serve your healthcare needs.

Buying a home in Los Arqueros offers short-term contracts for anyone looking to get their foot in the door of a new industry. For those without established company or professional sector experience, bar and restaurant work is typically one of these short-term opportunities that can lead to more permanent positions with bigger companies.

Los Arqueros offers multiple transportation options, including bus service, taxi, and train, providing easy access to various towns and cities throughout the Costa del Sol.

The many amenities at Los Arqueros make it an exceptional place to live. The sun shines brightly here, and it’s home to many amenities that make life easier for you- from golf courses or gyms with fitness centers; to restaurants serving delicious food 24/7, so there are never any shortages of options when hunger strikes!

You’ll be within walking distance (or quick driving) after buying a home in Los Arqueros from some great spots like shopping plazas while also being close by public transportation, which will take them anywhere quickly, especially since most stores offer free.

With multiple housing options in Los Arqueros, this community provides homeowners diverse living spaces (detached houses, detached villas, luxury villas/ apartments, farmhouses, etc.) tailored just for your needs!

Real Estate Prices in Los Arqueros

In May of 2022, the average cost of buying a home in Los Arqueros was asked for sale at €1.223 per sqm, with an increase over last year’s amount by 0%, compared to June 2021.

The cost of renting after buying a home in Los Arqueros in Europe reached new heights this month, with prices rising 1.59% over last year’s rate! On average residential properties are now costing €5.74/ sqm/ month.

Los Arqueros offers a tranquil, nature-filled getaway perfect for those looking to relax. Buying a home in Los Arqueros offers a valued investment opportunity. The investment will provide you with an income that pays off over time and increases appreciation for your money!

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Buying a Home in Los Flamingos

Buying a Home in Los Flamingos

Los Flamingos is situated close to Puerto Banús, only 12km away. It is referred to as the most popular port worldwide, with its roots in Costa del Sol within Spain.

The suburbs or localities that lie close to the Los Flamingos include  La ZagaletaLos AlmendrosLa HerediaMonte Halcones and Los Arqueros. Buying a home in Los Flamingos will provide you with all of these localities just within a distance of 4.1 to 16.8 miles.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Los Flamingos?

Buying a home in Los Flamingos offers relatively low rent costs & ample utilities that remain pretty affordable.

Many International Schools exist in Los Flamingos and its surroundings, including Swans College, Mayfair International Academy, and The American College. Public schools also exist. So, buying a home in Los Flamingos offers multiple education options for your child.

If looking for state healthcare services, one should visit the Calle Príncipe de Asturias Health Center. The region also offers assistance in mixed private-state facilities, all readily available.

A large population of English-speaking people living in Marbella makes it a more popular destination to find work. Jobs are available in sectors like childcare, construction, and marketing.

Buying a home in Los Flamingos offers several transportation options, including a Bus or a Taxi. The major Málaga airport is close to Los Flamingos, only around 60km away. N-340 OR A-7 toll road connects you to nearby towns or cities and Málaga airport.

In Los Flamingos, you will get ample property options almost for all budgets, including apartments, villas, townhouses, detached houses, etc.

Real Estate Prices in Los Flamingos

As of May 2022, buying a home in Los Flamingos averaged €3.891 per sqm. This is 12.4% more than in May 2021, when the price per sqm was €3.462.

In 2022, a monthly cost of €13.66 /m²/ month was expected for renting a home in Los Flamingos. That’s 15.5%, too – an increase from €11.83/m²/ month in 2021!

Start investing today and experience what it’s like to own an investment property in Los Flamingos that delivers exponential returns.

Contact us now! If you’re searching for a new investment or want to develop your property, use our trusted construction company for maximum profitability on your investment! We offer our clients an unrivaled level of quality and service from the moment they walk through our doors to when they leave.

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Real Estate investment in Benahavís

What types of properties are available for real estate investment in Benahavis?

Benahavis offers a diverse choice of property with a level of excellence that rivals the best in Spain. You can choose from a variety of apartments, including new constructions and penthouse homes that are among Europe’s most prestigious.

If you’re seeking a little more space and privacy, the town has a number of villas to choose from. The most expensive are located on the La Zagaleta private estate, which is home to some of Spain’s most valuable residences and is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people. Villas in golf projects in Benahavis are also available at some of the top courses on the Costa del Sol, such as La Quinta and Los Arqueros.

What are the finest properties to invest in Benahavis?

The unique location and high quality of real estate in Benahavis assure that all types of residences have good investment potential. Despite the ups and downs of the Costa del Sol property market over the last 60 years, Benahavis villas have consistently increased in value. The outlook is still positive, with strong returns projected in the medium and long term, especially for houses in the most desirable regions.

Property for sale in Benahavis also makes a fantastic holiday rental real estate investment, and many homeowners discover that their home generates consistent income from vacation rentals. The neighbourhood attracts a niche market of vacationers looking for peace and quiet in premium residences while still being close to the Costa del Sol.

How much does Benahavis property cost?

Benahavis houses have some of the highest prices on the Costa del Sol due to their exclusivity and popularity. However, you can still find real estate investment in Benahavis at costs that are competitive with those in adjacent Marbella and Estepona.

The cheapest apartments are roughly €175,000, while the most costly are above €1 million. Expect to pay at least €1 million for a property, with the most costly in Benahavis easily exceeding €20 million.

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