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Buying a Home in El Paraíso

Buying a Home in El Paraíso

El Paraíso is a small yet bustling suburb within Estepona. Its location and proximity to Cortés and close by Balcon De Benavista make it an ideal place for those who want convenience without sacrificing their quality of life!

El Paraíso is close to the Marbella, New Golden Mile, and San Pedro. You can reach any of the towns within a few minutes.

Buying a home in El Paraíso allow you to get to the close lying suburbs or towns including CanceladaEl PresidenteDiana ParkBel AirSelwo and Estepona.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in El Paraíso?

Buying a home in El Paraíso is great for shopping for anything you need. You can find high-end clothing that will suit your style and more affordable options in between!

Spanish schools nearby or within El Paraíso offer international students a wide range of options. There are ten different programs, including English-speaking classes, education based on the Swedish curriculum, German curriculum, etc.

Located just outside of town, the Costa del Sol hospital is one of Spain’s best equipped. It has state-of-the-art equipment, and private clinics and alternative therapies are available for all your needs!

El Paraíso is the perfect place for businesses with a service economy and real estate boom. It’s no surprise that you’ll find most jobs within these fields- especially with construction also doing well!

When it comes to transportation, buying a home in El Paraíso will be your best decision ever. The local bus service takes you to the A7 motorway, connecting you with Malaga airport and its surrounding towns.

Plenty of properties exist for buying a home in El Paraíso, ranging in price.

From luxurious villas to estates with panoramic sea views to more affordable properties near downtown where active lifestyles can still be enjoyed, no matter what type of living situation is desired.

Real Estate Prices in El Paraíso

In May 2022, the monthly average asking price for buying a home in El Paraíso was €3.534 per square meters, a 13% increase over last year’s figure of €3.115 euros/m².

In May 2022, the average rental price for residential properties was €12.29 per month/ sqm. This represents an increase of 7% over last year’s figure, which was €11.47 per month/ sqm.

The market has been on an upswing for years now, which means prices will only continue going higher as time goes by, thus making buying a home in El Paraíso a perfect place for future investment! 

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