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Buying a Home in Valle Romano

Buying a Home in Valle Romano

Located in Estepona right within Málaga, Spain’s most popular resort for beach-lovers and tourists alike is Valle Romano. This area is in the heart of Costa del Sol, which provides perfect accommodations if you want to get away from the hustle of city life.

The most famous cities that exist close to Valle Romano are CanceladaEl ParaisoDiana ParkBel AirSelwo and Estepona.

Buying a home in Valle Romano connects you to all these famous cities offering a remarkable experience covering your holidays.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Valle Romano?

Whether you’re looking to buy or rent, the cost of living in this area will be higher than in other parts. You can expect a little more spending on food and clothing in Valle Romano.

The Spanish-speaking workforce is in high demand, and many opportunities are available to those with a background in sales or IT. You’ll find most jobs within the services industry rather than real estate. The sunny Costa del Sol has large employers who offer employment in multiple industries.

The people of Valle Romano are well taken care of by their public health system. They have a state-run A&E unit, called “Ambulatorio,” located in the nearby Estepona and right next door to one major hospital for all your medical needs situated in nearby Marbella!

While there is no shortage of international schools in Spanish after buying a home in Valle Romano, you will find a variety that also teaches English. The International School at Estepona and Colegio Bilingüe Atalaya are both excellent options for teaching your child the two languages needed to thrive today.

Choose from two great airports and enjoy a quick drive wherever your heart desires. With homes in Valle Romano, you’ll be less than an hour away (or just over one hour if taking the scenic route) by car or public transportation!

Estepona is connected with other regions on this coast through speedy AP-7 roads and access via A-7, which leads all along Spain’s Costa del Sol coastline.

The apartments in this town are a perfect mix of modern and old-fashioned. The newer areas have more complex living situations with views overlooking water or trees- whichever you prefer!

Real Estate Prices in Valle Romano

The average price per square meter for buying a home in Valle Romano in May 2022 was €2.741, an increase of 9% over last year’s figure (€2.496).

The cost of renting a residential property is on the rise. In May 2022, prospective renters were asked to pay an average of €10/ month/ sqm after buying a home in Valle Romano compared to €9.58/ month/ sqm in May 2021.

The property market for buying a home in Valle Romano is experiencing incredible growth, and there’s no better time than now to invest. Why? It has everything you could want: a picturesque setting, perfect weather year-round…and much more!

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