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Buying a Home in Calanova Golf

Buying a Home in Calanova Golf

The calanova golf sits about 5 minutes from La Cala de Mijas. You’ll find 14 kilometers worth of pristine coastlines with striking mountains and some amazing urbanizations within the area.

It is the largest municipality within Mijas Costa and has its roots in Costa del Sol.

The nearby towns nearby Calanova Golf include  CalahondaMijas GolfMijas PuebloRiviera del SolSierrezuelaEl Faro and La Cala; on the southwest side, there lies Cabopino, Sitio de Calahonda, in the northwest lies La Mairena, and in the north lies La Cala Golf Resort. When buying a home in Calanova Golf, you are only 3.58 to 11.33 miles away from these nearby towns.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Calanova Golf?

The cost of living in Calanova golf is quite high, and the price of utilities varies depending on the pound price.

Spanish is the first language for many people living in Calanova Golf, but there are several bilingual schools to choose from. The nearby public IES La Cala de Mijas provides primary education until high school, while El Chaparral & Los Claveles will take you through infant grades too!

The medical professionals in Calanova Golf are varied and offer many options for treatment. From pediatricians to osteopaths, there is something here that will meet everyone’s needs!

The closest hospital in Costa del Sol has an excellent staff who can provide you or your family member with anything they need when taking care of their health issues.

Buying a home in Calanova Golf provides working opportunities only within the tourism service sector. More job opportunities are available if you commute to Marbella than just this small village!

Calanova Golf’s transport network makes it easy to get around without a car. Buses and coaches connect the major urban areas, while Málaga airport is only 20 minutes away from your door!

You can find many property options for buying a home in Calanova Golf here, including townhouses, country houses, villas, and apartments equipped with gardens and pools.

Real Estate Prices in Calanova Golf

In May of 2022, the average price per sqm of buying a home in Calanova Golf was €2.315, a decrease of 0.77% compared to last year’s rate at the same time of €2.333/ sqm.

The cost of renting after Buying a home in Calanova Golf in May was 13% more expensive this year than last. The average monthly price for residential properties stood at € 9,16 per square meter – up from 8 euros/sqm last season!

The investment market is not immune to price fluctuations. By buying a home in Calanova Golf Property, you can be confident that your money will go up in value and provide steady returns over time- even during difficult economic times!

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Buying a Home in Calypso

Buying a Home in Calypso

Calypso is a quiet and serene neighborhood in Mijas. It’s located close to Centro Commercial Los Olivos, as well as Halifax- you’ll feel like you’re are living right next door!

The close lying suburbs to Calypso include  CalahondaMijas GolfMijas PuebloRiviera del SolSierrezuelaEl Faro and La Cala.

After buying a home in Calypso, the distance between these towns is only between 3.69 to 10.72 miles.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Calypso?

Buying a home in Calypso is the perfect decision for those looking to relax in an authentic Spanish village, but without sacrificing comfort or affordability.

The service industries in Mijas are the backbone of economic development. The town is close enough that you can easily commute to Malaga or Marbella, where you can explore more opportunities for employment depending on your interests!

The cost of public transportation in Calypso is very reasonable. If you don’t have your vehicle, there are daily scheduled buses to take you into the surroundings and to Málaga.

Apart from various healthcare facilities within the town, you can also get to a healthcare center within Las Lagunas after buying a home in Calypso that offers a variety of treatments tailored to meet your needs.

You will find several hospitals in Marbella/ Málaga within easy reach that can provide care for any type of medical issue, including emergencies!

After buying a home in Calypso, the selection of Spanish public schools in nearby Mijas is perfect for those who want a more traditional education. With nearby private International Schools like St Anthony’s College on your way to Fuengirola, there’s no shortage of options for quality education!

You will find different properties to choose from for buying a home in Mijas. The major options include townhouses, country houses, villas, luxury apartments, penthouses, detached villas or houses, and much more.

Real Estate Prices in Calypso

The average price of buying a home in Calypso in May of 2022 was 2.368 euros per sqm, an increase of 5% compared to May of 2021, 2.235 euros per sqm.

The cost of rent after buying a home in Calypso in May 2022 was 12% more expensive than last year. The price rise from €8.39/ sqm/ month to €9.42/ sqm/ month.

Investing in calypso property can be a smart way to diversify your assets. The returns on these investments are guaranteed and have been known for generating some pretty significant gains over time!

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Buying a Home in Sierrezuela

Buying a Home in Sierrezuela

La Sierrezuela is a hidden gem in the peaceful coastal town of Mijas. It is referred to as the largest municipality that resides on Costa del Sol.

La Sierrezuela is located in the coastal part of this paradise and has views that take your breath away with their beauty. Whether you’re looking for spectacular beaches or picturesque mountains, there are plenty here!

The nearby localities to Sierrezuela include  CalahondaMijas GolfMijas PuebloRiviera del SolSierrezuelaEl Faro and La Cala. Buying a home in Sierrezuela provides all localities in a distance range of 5.76 to 18.23 kilometers.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Sierrezuela?

Buying a home in Sierrezuela is a great destination if you are looking for affordable housing and food. The public transport system in this area operates at much cheaper prices than in other parts of Europe, so it’s very easy on your wallet too.

The various schools in Sierrezuela or nearby Mijas offer many options for those looking to educate their children.

The state-supported ones have more than just local students; they also take referrals from nearby villages and townships! There’s something appropriate no matter what your family size or income level.

There are several hospitals in the area that you can find, including ones near Marbella and Fuengirola. The best places for doctors’ offices or pharmacies would be Calahonda/Cala de Mijas surrounding Sierrezuela.

The people of this region are engaged in tourism-related businesses, but there’s also plenty for those who want more than just service jobs!

You can find Facebook groups that cater to non-Spanish speaking populations or outsiders get hired on in various industries.

You don’t need to worry about transportation after buying a home in Sierrezuela. You will find taxis and buses here that will take you to nearby localities and Gibraltar or Málaga airports.

Real Estate Prices in Sierrezuela

In May of 2022, buying a home in Sierrezuela was on the market for an average price tag of €2.493/ sqm –a rise of over 8% compared with a year ago (May 2021) when homes sold at €2.302/ sqm.

In May of 2022, the average monthly rent after buying a home in Sierrezuela was €9.62/ sqm. This is 15% more than last year’s rate of €8.33/ sqm/ month.

Investing in Sierrezuela property can diversify your portfolio and gain exposure across different markets. With real estate values continuing their upward trajectory, there are many benefits for those who invest early on!

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Buying a Home in Miraflores

Buying a Home in Miraflores

Miraflores has its roots in Mijas Costa, referred to as Mijas Coastal part. This part has beautiful beaches that cover a length of 14 kilometres. If you want to live in the lively region and bask in the sun on top of it, Miraflores is a great option!

The suburbs that resides nearby Miraflores include Miraflores, Calypso, Sierrezuela, Campo Mijas, La Cala and Torrenueva. You are only 3.5 to 11 miles apart from these towns after buying a home in Miraflores.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Miraflores?

Budget airlines are running the flights nearby, which allows for price-competitive options for transportation. Public transport is also cheap. This makes it easy to manage your travel costs and spend less money on transportation in Miraflores.

There are plenty of public and private schools in the Miraflores town and the area’s neighbouring municipalities. Buying a home in Miraflores allow you to get your child a quality education.

Many hospitals and health centers in the nearby Spanish cities Marbella and Fuengirola are conveniently located. Cala de Mijas and Calahonda also have more general practitioners & chemists are also on the go.

There are many posts and groups for people looking for non-Spanish speakers in Marbella or Fuengirola. Job agencies can also be found to help non-Spanish speakers out as well.

Buying a home in Miraflores allows you to find a series of apartments in different sizes and prices. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, some more affordable apartments are available in the region. Most of these residences are modern, although a few have been built up with old-fashioned apartment blocks.

Real Estate Prices in Miraflores

There’s a reason why people from all around the world are investing in properties in Miraflores.

With the rise in prices for buying a home in Miraflores in April 2022, you can expect an average of €2.474/ sqm, an increasing 7.47% compared to May 2021 (€2.302/ sqm).

Renting a property in the local area is becoming more expensive. Compared to last year (2021), prices increased by almost 13%, from €8.33/ month/ sqm to €9,42/ month/ sqm. This trend will likely continue for the foreseeable future.

This trend indicates that buying a home in Miraflores will appreciate over time. You can rest assured that your money is handled carefully with our attentive service.

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Buying a Home in Valtocado

Buying a Home in Valtocado

Valtocado is a small town that resides in Mijas municipality and lies just in the autonomous region of Andalucía within Malaga province in Spain.

The localities or suburbs that resides close to Campo Mijas include Calahonda, Mijas Golf, Mijas Pueblo, Riviera del Sol, Sierrezuela, El Faro and La Cala. Buying a home in Valtocado offers theselocalities within 4.8 to 17 kilometers distance range from Valtocado.

Not only is luxury real estate in Valtocado an excellent investment opportunity, but it also offers an endless array of activities for all ages.

Why Buy a Luxury Real Estate in Valtocado?

The cost of living in Valtocado is similar to that of Malaga, which means you won’t have a hard time. Buying a home in Valtocado offers a lot of shops with the variety you need, so making a living in this area is not too difficult.

Several good public health clinics in town allow you to see a doctor 24/7 when you experience a healthcare emergency. The closest hospital is just around 25 minutes away exist in Marbella.

There are many schools in Fuengirola, so there’s no need to travel too far from your home to get an excellent education. You can also find an international school or two here, so it’s convenient to live after buying a home in Valtocado.

The critical source of employment in Valtocado is tourism. Many English speakers are here, and this city is a major destination for retirees. Care services for the elderly have also become prevalent in Valtocado, and you may find it easier to gain work here than in other resort towns.

Many ways to get to Malaga Airport. Buying a home in Valtocado offers a few bus rides and a short drive; you can get there quickly during different day hours. The A7 highway will take you in either direction on the southern coast, and the C-1 train brings you from the center of town for less time than usual commuter options.

Don’t waste more time on property hunting and take advantage of this unique opportunity. Buy now and enjoy the sun-drenched beaches and crystal-clear waters of Valtocado.

Real Estate Prices in Valtocado

April 2022 had a slightly higher average property price per square meter than April 2021, revealing an increase of 5.35% from €2.56 per sqm to €2.69 per sqm.

In April of 2022, people were asked to pay a rent of €10.23 per square meter/ month on average, with a 7% increase from the previous year (€9.56 per square meter/ month).

However, the real estate market in this area is on the rise, and it’s not just the beauty of this town that makes buying a home in Valtocado a hot ticket.

Our high level of business services makes us a go-to choice for anyone looking to invest in real estate. We stand firm on our reputation, and we’re always available to help with any questions you might have.

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Buying a Home in Campo Mijas

Buying a Home in Campo Mijas

Campo Mijas is a residing area just on the backside of Fuengirola and is close to the Mijas village in the Costa del Sol region.

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect place to enjoy your retirement years, buying a home in Campo Mijas is the place. It’s the largest municipality on the Costa del Sol, with 14km of world-class beaches. There are also plenty of stunning mountains and golf courses that will keep your old age in good spirits.

The localities or suburbs that resides close to Campo Mijas include Calahonda, Mijas Golf, Mijas Pueblo, Riviera del Sol, Sierrezuela, El Faro and La Cala. These localities are only 3 to 11 miles apart from Campo Mijas.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Campo Mijas?

Mijas offers a more traditional and less expensive option without sacrificing day-to-day necessities.

Many educational opportunities are available for students who want to study after buying a home in Campo Mijas, such as Spanish state schools and International schools. St. Anthony’s College is a good option for those who would like an English-language school nearby.

In addition to a health clinic in Campo Mijas, it is also home to CARE’s recently developed Treatment Centre. Marbella and Málaga have many hospitals right nearby. These cities are an excellent choice for medical needs.

If you are not sure how to get to Fuengirola, buying a home in Campo Mijas offers regular buses and taxis to your destination. To travel around Fuengirola’s steep hills, you could always call a donkey taxi, one famous means of transportation here.

Working in the service industry within Campo Mijas is a good option & you’ll find a broad range of job opportunities in Malaga and Marbella, which are both equidistant from here.

Buying a home in Campo Mijas offers a variety of accommodations for your personal needs. Whether you are looking for authentic Spanish life, a simple place to stay, or an upscale residence with great views, Campo Mijas has it all (Villas, apartments, penthouses, country houses, etc.).

Real Estate Prices in Campo Mijas

The asking price for properties in April 2022 was €2.027/sqm, 4.75% higher than the previous year’s average of €1.90/sqm.

On average, tenants in the rental real estate market pay €9.05/sqm per month in April of 2022, and the value has jumped by 6.6% from the previous year (€8.49/sqm in April 2021).

Buying a home in Campo Mijas offers a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity!

Campo Mijas is a prime location for years to come, but now is the time to buy your piece of the national treasure. Contact our team on the latest developments today!

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Buying a Home in Mijas Costa

Buying a Home in Mijas Costa

Mijas Costa is a collection of beaches found on the Spanish coast of Costa del Sol. Fuengirola & Marbella surrounds Cabopino resort that lies on this coast in the east. Many well-known resorts exist in this area, including the La Cala de Mijas, Riviera del Sol, & Calahonda.

The total number of people living in the community of Mijas Costa is 86,630, and their population density is 540 people per square kilometer. Buying a home in the Mijas Costa area of Spain promises to be one of the most profitable decisions.

Mijas Costa features numerous major cities including Miraflores, Calypso, Sierrezuela, Campo Mijas, La Cala and Torrenueva that are close to one another. make getting around the area easy. Buying a home in Mijas Costa gives you easy access to these cities.

Why Buy a Luxury Real Estate in Mijas Costa

Bargain, budget-friendly restaurants are flourishing in Mijas Costa. The international budget airlines have ushered in a new era of flying – low prices and friendlier companies. The public transport system provides competency at a price.

Buying a home in Mijas costa offers many jobs related to tourism. There are seasonal opportunities to work with people from many European countries, and they may pay well in both Euros and local market wages. Many jobs for foreigners are available. From recruitment companies to groups and forums that help them find work, it’s easy to hire people if you know where to look. There’s also a lot of advertising on Facebook that targets foreign talent.

Marbella, Fuengirola, Calahonda, and Mijas are all great locations if you’re looking for doctors or chemists. There are several different hospitals near you in each area, and they’re all excellent!

When looking for a school in Mijas, there are many options available. Within the regional and state schools, there is also private and international schooling within Fuengirola & Marbella. Schools provide children with additional opportunities and education to fit their needs as best as possible.

Buying a home in Mijas Costa provides easy access from airports in Málaga or Gibraltar via transport and taxi services. There’s a bus service too which leads you straight to your destination.

Real Estate Prices in Mijas Costa

In April 2022, the average price of residential properties was €2.474/m2. This was an 8.51% increase from the previous year when prices averaged €2.280/m².

By April 2022, the average cost for residential rentals had gone up from € 8.3 in April 2021 to € 9.4 in that year’s final month, with a 13% increase compared to one year earlier.

This trend in property prices reflects a vibrant real estate market filled with great investment opportunities for buying a home in Mijas Costa.

There are plenty of properties for sale in Mijas Costa. With small apartments, villas, and townhouses, you’ll find a property that suits your needs and financial limitations. You can find cheaper options with more privacy or more expensive options with better amenities.

We are open 24/7, so if you’re looking for buying a home in Mijas Costa, have someone contact us at any time. We know you’ll be happy with the service we offer!

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Property in Mijas – Where to invest

Property In Mijas

Mijas is a charming Costa del Sol town that has drawn tourists and international shopping. It’s a great place to invest because it has a range of activities for visitors, including golf courses, Bioparc Fuengirola and AquaMijas. Mijas Costa is a portion of the municipality of Mijas that encompasses an over 10-kilometer stretch of coastline that connects La Cala de Mijas, El Chaparral, Miraflores, Riviera, and Calahonda. The coast’s residential and beach life is quite modern and crowded, while being only a fifteen-minute drive from the whitewashed Mijas Pueblo, which is steeped in traditional Andalucian traditions and customs.

Property in Mijas range from vacation flats to large villa developments, and there are options to fit a wide range of lifestyles and budgets. Jet skis, wakeboarding, waterskiing, parapenting, windsurfing and other water activities are available at the beach. Each resort has safe beaches, local shops, bars, restaurants, and golf, making Mijas Costa a great place to visit with family and friends.

Located on Spain’s southeast coast, where mild weather is guaranteed and rain is uncommon, particularly during the summer months. The distance between Malaga airport and Mijas Costa is only near 20 minutes. In the opposite way, a quick 25-minute drive will get you to Marbella, where you can enjoy some of the world’s best beaches along the property in Mijas.

You should anticipate to discover a large number of residents who speak English, making language barriers less severe. In Mijas Costa, you’ll find a diverse range of restaurants and activities, including golf, water parks, and even a zoo!

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