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Buying a Home in Nagüeles

Buying a Home in Nagüeles

The tranquil, serene suburb of Nagüeles is a hidden gem in Marbella’s bustling metropolis. Located just southern part of Los Pinos and close to La Mina and is equipped with picturesque views.

The districts situated close to Nagüeles include  ArtolaElviriaEl RosarioSanta ClaraThe Golden MileNagüeles and La Campana.

There are plenty of nearby districts to explore after buying a home in Nagüeles. It is the perfect place to live if you want a relaxing lifestyle with plenty of entertainment.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Nagüeles?

You can find everything you need to keep your weekly shop low cost here, so it won’t break the bank after buying a home in Nagüeles.

Nagüeles is a paradise for parents who want their children to have an international education. You will surely get a high-quality education at various state and private schools here.

There lies one particular hospital located directly outside of town in Costa del Sol which has all of its services available for public use at affordable prices.

Buying a home in Nagüeles also hosts regular medical practices and surgeries alongside private care options like wellness checkups – patients can also choose from an array of alternative therapy!

Buying a home in Nagüeles allows one to explore employment in nearby Marbella. It is a city that thrives on trade. You’ll find that most jobs are service-oriented and plenty for those looking to get into Information technology, Retail, or real estate!

The bus service from Marbella to the nearest airport is reliable and cost-effective. The quick ride takes you along Spain’s A7 motorway, connecting with Malaga for flights traveling throughout Europe and all close-lying districts.

Real Estate Prices in Nagüeles

The average price per square meter for Buying a home in Nagüeles in May 2022 was €3.891/ m², up 12% from last year’s figure of €3.462/ m², and it is expected that this growth will continue into next year with an increase between 8-10%.

Compared to last year, apartment owners now pay higher rent for their properties. In May 2022, they asked for an average of €13.66/ m² per month, with 15% more than before, €11.83/ m² per month!

It’s the perfect time for buying a home in Nagüeles, so don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

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