Buying a Home in Artola

Buying a Home in Artola

Buying a Home in Artola

Artola is a small and picturesque town within Marbella demographics. It is located in the eastern part of Marbella del Este and the western part of Cabopino.

The amazing and diverse suburbs and towns that resides within surroundings of Artola includes Cabopino, ElviriaEl RosarioSanta ClaraThe Golden MileNagüeles and La Campana.

Buying a home in Artola offers beautiful views, proximity to major cities, and various amenities that keep you busy- it has everything you need for a great life!

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Artola?

Buying a home in Artola provides a lot of retail outlets; you’ll be able to find everything from clothing, groceries, jewelry, etc., for less than what it costs in surrounding areas.

Buying a home in Artola offers stress-free and modern education opportunities within the town and nearby surroundings. You can get your child educated in-state or international schools covering multilingual curricula, including German, Swedish, British, etc.

This region offers many healthcare options, from public hospitals to private clinics. The Costa del Sol hospital is one of the best equipped in Spain and has an excellent location just outside town. It offers medical attention in almost every health aspect.

The city of Marbella in the province of Malaga has been labeled as a hub for business. Most jobs in this area are found within service-based industries, including real estate and construction; however, there are plenty of opportunities to be had if you look outside these niches!

The bus service from Artola to Malaga airport is convenient and affordable for travelers after buying a home in Artola. You’ll have access to not just the A7 motorway, which connects with many parts of Spain’s south coast, but also some gorgeous scenery on the route!

Artola is a town where you can find anything from luxurious houses to cozy apartments. Artola offers everything from country homes with large yards and spacious manors perfect for families or those looking for privacy to downtown living at its finest.

Real Estate Prices in Artola

From May 2021 to May 2022, the asking price for buying a home in Artola increased by 12%. On average, per square meter, the cost was about €3.891/ square meter than last year’s rate of €3.462/ square meter.

The average monthly price for residential rent in May of 2022 was €13.66/ square meter. This is 15% more than May 2021, which was around €11.83/ square meter.

The above real estate market scenario represents that buying a home in Artola is an intelligent investment. The returns are reliable, and it’s one of the few assets that offer tangible wealth.

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