Buying a Home in Atalaya

Buying a Home in Atalaya

Buying a Home in Atalaya

The area of Atalaya is located in Estepona and is next to Hacienda del Sol in the Costa del Sol.

If you’re looking for a beautiful place with low crime rates, buying an Atalaya could be the perfect decision. Even though there are just 1,340 residents in the area, it still offers peaceful homes and has low congestion.

Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Selwo and Estepona are nearby towns of Atalaya. Buying a home in Atalaya is only 9.6 to 19 kilometers away from these nearby cities.

Why buy Luxury Real Estate in Atalaya?

You would probably want to consider visiting or buying a home in Atalaya rather than other areas because you might find lower prices and better discounts.

A demand for Spanish-speaking & marketing specialists has arisen and continues to expand. Positions in the service sector are also expanding for Spanish-speaking workers. There are also many job opportunities in fast-growing industries such as the tourism sector, technology, property development, and construction jobs.

Atalaya is beautiful and has fantastic public health care that ensures residents will be in great hands and have access to the A&E unit. But the state-owned hospital is easy to get to from your property, which can save you a lot of stress!

When choosing an international school or Spanish state school, there are many considerations! The curriculum that they offer can vary greatly depending on your needs.

The AP-7 toll road is long and scenic, but if you’re looking for something along the coast, you can use the modern bus terminal to get to your destination. However, not all areas are accessible by bus, so it may be wise to grab a car and take some scenic coastal routes. Buying a home in Atalaya offers excellent accessibility and connectivity.

Many different properties are available in Atalaya, ranging from old to new. The newer properties generally lie closer to downtown, while the older ones tend to be more suburban.

Real Estate Prices in Atalaya

A two-year comparison of buying a home in Atalaya shows that the average unit cost grew by almost 9% (up to €2.732 for a single square meter).

By 2022, the rental price will reach €10.39 for a single square meter. Rental properties in April would cost around this amount, with an 8.46% increase from the previous year, where they were at €9.58 per month per square meter for single rental property on average.

The new property rate has spiked, and this is your chance of buying a home in Atalaya. The rates have been increasing due to increased property demand, and you can use this to your advantage.

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