Buying a Home in Bel Air

Buying a Home in Bel Air

Buying a Home in Bel Air

Bel Air is located along the outskirts of Marbella and Estepona, on The New Golden Mile, between the towns situated in Costa del Sol. It is an ideal place to live with various amenities nearby and an ever-increasing number of people craving the lifestyle.

The total number of residents residing here is about 1720, so buying a home in Bel Air allows you to enjoy peace of life.

The close-lying towns and suburbs in Bel Air include San Luis de Sabinillas, Manilva, Benahavís, Casares, San Pedro Alcantara, Genalguacil, Jubrique, Gaucin, Algatocin, Benalauria, and San Martin. Buying a home in Bel Air allows you to cover only 10 to 20 miles to get to these towns.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Bel Air?

The western resorts are more expensive than the eastern resorts, so you might save some money by eating out at lower establishments or shopping at budget markets.

Businesses in Bel Air are hiring more people, especially in trades such as hospitality services and sales. If you speak Spanish and have experience with IT, there is a good chance of finding work in various industries.

Buying a home in Bel Air is well suited for medical treatment. There are ample high-quality state hospitals in the surrounding area. On top of that, several specialized private hospitals & doctors can accommodate patients here.

Several international schools in the area, some of which teach exclusively in English while others teach both Spanish and English. The Estepona International School is closer to town, while Colegio Bilingüe Atalaya is just 20 minutes away. Buying a home in Bel Air ensures quality education for your child.

Driving to either airport, including Gibraltar and Málaga, won’t be an issue after buying a home in Bel Air and will take less than an hour each way.

Buying a home in Bel Air offers many different apartment complexes, ranging in size and location. Some are within established areas, while others are built along the coast. You’ll find a few with an emphasis on houses than apartments, which will be more expensive. Options exist to build one of your right from the start.

Real Estate Prices in Bel Air

In May of 2022, the average price for buying a home in Bel Air was 2.741 euros (EUR) per sqm. This figure increased by 9.82% from a year ago when the fees were 2.496 euros (EUR) per sqm.

In May 2022, a square meter was asked for € 10,66 per month in the residential rental market. Compared to the same period in 2021, it increased by 11% to € 9,58 per sqm per month.

Bel Air has great potential for investment and returns, with plans to become one of Estepona’s most valuable real estate areas. A must-invest-in property!

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