Buying a Home in Elche

Home in Elche

Home in Elche

Elche is a popular tourist destination with over 232,000, making it the second-largest in Alicante and the third in the Valencian Community.

The municipality occupies 326.07 km2 and is defined by various natural landscapes and prospects: the countryside, coastline, and mountains. Among their boundaries are 33 neighbouring communities, such as, Albatera, Santa Pola, Dolores, Aspe and San Isidro, among others.

Why Buy Real Estate in Elche?

Elche’s position in Spain puts it on the Mediterranean coast at the center of a large area known as the Spanish Mediterranean Basin. This region is one of Europe’s fastest-growing areas.

The town is rich in human, social and ample cultural resources, offering world-class ratings socially and economically. This has served as a key factor in supporting progress and quality of life – which have allowed the city to compete in the region and making it a preferred location for a home in Elche.

Elche is a vibrant, business-friendly city with abundant job opportunities and excellent location factors for businesses.

The Elche City Authorities have a development policy built on the idea of quality while also thinking about sustainability. They encourage the compatibility of economic ventures and protect natural resources, which results in high-value projects for a home in Elche.

Reasons To Invest in Elche Luxury Real Estate

  • Transportation within the often-crowded Mediterranean Corridor can be a hassle, but with a common mode of transportation, including air, land, and water, getting from point A to point B is relatively easy.
  • You can get to Alicante through Via Praque, Murcia by utilizing the Autovia del Mediterraneo way, Madrid through Autovia A – 31, and Barcelona through the Autopista del Mediterraneo.
  • Elche has a vast workforce and is well known for its ability to adapt to the dynamic requirements of the labor market. The labor force here is also qualified and will help you grow your business to be successful, innovative, and enterprising.
  • Elche is a great option for companies who need business premises in strategic locations with good access or have not found the right fit elsewhere. They have affordable prices and quality services to their industrial and commercial properties.
  • Education in Elche covers all of your needs, from public school to university courses. Elche has secondary schools and education centers, which are popular among parents. Technical colleges can give you a great start if you want to build on your career and a home in Elche.
  • The Vinalopó Hospital, University General Hospital, and the private hospital in Elche provide different levels of health services, with their goal being to provide support to their patients at a national level.

Real Estate Prices in Elche

There are many renting and selling options available at varied prices for those living, working, or traveling in the city or places close by. For travelers on long road trips, various types of accommodation are available both for practice and sale to provide comfortable holiday stays.

An estimated 1,182 properties for sale, including homes, apartments, or villas in Elche, have property prices averaging €219402 or higher, with the average cost at €1257 per square meter.

We can help you find your perfect home in Elche. Whether it’s a luxury home or something more modest that suits your needs, we can help. Contact us today, and let’s see what we can do to get you in your dream home!

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