Buying a Home in San Javier

Buying a Home in San Javier

Buying a Home in San Javier

A small municipality and town known as San Javier is an autonomous community within the Region of Murcia situated in the southeast of Spain. This municipality is located near the North shore of the Mediterranean coast, known as Costa Cálida.

The population of San Javier consists of 31,905 inhabitants covering a total area of 74 square kilometres. San Javier has a population density of 430 people per square kilometre.

Buying a Home in San Javier provide you with an opportunity to visit nearby cities including San Pedro del Pinatar, Torre Pacheco, Cartagena, Torrevieja and Murcia to enjoy your leisure time. All these cities are 47 kilometers away from the city center.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in San Javier?

According to real estate pundits, in March of 2022, the asking price for San Javier residential property for sale was €2114 sqm on average. The increase from March 2021 was 17% (from €1800/per square meter).

According to real estate pundits, in March of 2022, the asking price for San Javier’s rental property for sale was €636 per sqm for a single month on average. The increase from March 2021 was 9.47% (from €581/per sqm for a single month).

Transitioning from strong sunlight to cold is a common feeling for most regions. San Javier receives an average of 2800-3000 hours of sunlight throughout the year and has average temperatures of 200C.

Buying a Home in San Javier offers a lot of jobs in tourism, property, and services. The commute to Murcia is about 30 minutes, and San Javier is one of the most popular cities in Spain for work.

There are many options for Spanish schools in San Javier, but if you want your children to study the UK national curriculum, King’s College is a 15 minutes drive from San Javier.

Buying a home in San Javier is a much more affordable option for those looking to move near the beach. With significantly lower property prices and highly popular tourist attractions, it is the perfect choice for buying a home in San Javier.

San Javier is a small town located near the airport with Transportation through a car or bus, with both being about a half-hour drive away. Some buses connect San Javier to nearby towns and Murcia city for those without transport.

Real Estate Prices in San Javier

When it comes to finding apartments in San Javier itself, the cost can range anywhere from around $170,000-$260,000. Apartments with a beach outlook will generally be around that price point ($280,000), and villas equivalent to a mansion could go for as high as $480,000.

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