Buying a Home in Sierrezuela

Buying a Home in Sierrezuela

Buying a Home in Sierrezuela

La Sierrezuela is a hidden gem in the peaceful coastal town of Mijas. It is referred to as the largest municipality that resides on Costa del Sol.

La Sierrezuela is located in the coastal part of this paradise and has views that take your breath away with their beauty. Whether you’re looking for spectacular beaches or picturesque mountains, there are plenty here!

The nearby localities to Sierrezuela include  CalahondaMijas GolfMijas PuebloRiviera del SolSierrezuelaEl Faro and La Cala. Buying a home in Sierrezuela provides all localities in a distance range of 5.76 to 18.23 kilometers.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Sierrezuela?

Buying a home in Sierrezuela is a great destination if you are looking for affordable housing and food. The public transport system in this area operates at much cheaper prices than in other parts of Europe, so it’s very easy on your wallet too.

The various schools in Sierrezuela or nearby Mijas offer many options for those looking to educate their children.

The state-supported ones have more than just local students; they also take referrals from nearby villages and townships! There’s something appropriate no matter what your family size or income level.

There are several hospitals in the area that you can find, including ones near Marbella and Fuengirola. The best places for doctors’ offices or pharmacies would be Calahonda/Cala de Mijas surrounding Sierrezuela.

The people of this region are engaged in tourism-related businesses, but there’s also plenty for those who want more than just service jobs!

You can find Facebook groups that cater to non-Spanish speaking populations or outsiders get hired on in various industries.

You don’t need to worry about transportation after buying a home in Sierrezuela. You will find taxis and buses here that will take you to nearby localities and Gibraltar or Málaga airports.

Real Estate Prices in Sierrezuela

In May of 2022, buying a home in Sierrezuela was on the market for an average price tag of €2.493/ sqm –a rise of over 8% compared with a year ago (May 2021) when homes sold at €2.302/ sqm.

In May of 2022, the average monthly rent after buying a home in Sierrezuela was €9.62/ sqm. This is 15% more than last year’s rate of €8.33/ sqm/ month.

Investing in Sierrezuela property can diversify your portfolio and gain exposure across different markets. With real estate values continuing their upward trajectory, there are many benefits for those who invest early on!

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