Buying a Home in Torrevieja

Home in Torrevieja

Home in Torrevieja

Torrevieja is a town along the seaside, situated on Costa Blanca within the Alicante province, along with the Valencian community in the southern region and on the southeast part of the Mediterranean coast in Spain.

Torrevieja is considered one of the most cosmopolitan cities, with nearly 100,000 people living inside the city limits. The Spanish people don’t dominate Torrevieja alone. There are also many other nationalities in the country, 5% German, 15% British, 5% Russian, 5% Scandinavian, so 30% of the population is composed of other nationalities.

There are various towns located in the range of 7 to 26 km in the surrounding of Torrevieja including Los Montesinos, Rojales, San Fulgencio, Daya Vieja and Dolores.

Alicante is the nearest airport to Torrevieja, with flights to most major European cities only about 30 minutes away. The city is connected in a few key ways, like the A-7 motorway connection that runs through Spain, and Torrevieja also has a complementary road network such as N-332 & N-340. You can easily get to nearby towns whenever you want from your home in Torrevieja.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Torrevieja?

Torrevieja has a primary care centre and places to receive medical care in an emergency. The University Hospital of Torrevieja and the privately-run hospital Quirón Torrevieja are the major hospitals in town.

It is smart to purchase a home in Torrevieja in the tourist area to rent it out during high occupancy periods. There is a high chance that this will lead to increased profits as more people will want to stay in the area.

Many public and private schools in the area deliver quality education to meet immediate development needs.

The abundance of beaches and ample salty lagoons near the city, the 320 days of sunshine per year, and mild microclimate create a truly magical experience to own a home in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja is surrounded by many restaurants and bars catering to all tastes. The local produce they sell and the seafood and international cuisine available there help make this city a popular destination.

The cost of living in Torrevieja is quite affordable compared to much of the rest. It’s ranked 5427th on a list of 9294 as per recent global studies.

You’ll find dozens of open positions for your skillset at one of the most exciting tourist destinations in Torrevieja. Get a well-paid work placement on location with one of the leading local companies.

Real Estate Prices in Torrevieja

There are various property for sale options, including apartments, townhouses and terraced houses. It’s easy to find the right property that suits you and the area you want to have a home in Torrevieja.

The cost per square meter in Torrevieja is about € 1,716. This is 5.21% lower than the average price per square meter in the neighbouring Alicante city. The property prices in Torrevieja have increased since 2013 as they were € 1,050 per square meter and continue to do so. This makes this town the best place for a home or business investment.

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