Buying a Home in Valencia

Buying a home in valencia

Valencia should be on every investor’s attention. It is a fantastic moment to invest in the Valencian property market.

After Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia is Spain’s third-largest city, with over 700,000 residents in 2019. There are roughly 1.3 million people living in the urban districts around the city core.

Investing in a home in Valencia and Spanish luxury real estate in general is appealing right now. House prices in Valencia City have grown dramatically in recent years as a result of investments in particular districts. Many prospective purchasers are now discovering that their previous budget no longer corresponds to their original intent. Investing in a home in Valencia, however, is still viable for everyone on any budget. We’d be delighted to provide you some investment advice for a home in Valencia.

Why buy a home in Valencia?

If you’re not a stranger to the Valencian market, you’re probably aware that there are excellent investment opportunities. Districts that are still in the process of development but already have strong infrastructure, economic potential, and/or definite plans to make them highly attractive for investment in the next years.

You may discover pretty nice properties to invest in in the Benicalap area, which is close to Valencia’s new football stadium. A three-bedroom apartment near the metro station may be a nice option for you.

If you are in favor of a more modern architectural style, the areas around Ciudad de las Artes and Campanar, north of the Turia riverbed, are a fantastic choice.

Apartments developed between the years 2000 and 2010 can also be found in areas like Xeresa. Gyms, Swimming pools, padel courts, squash courts and common gardens are all available. They are frequently much taller than the older buildings in the historic town and enjoy a fantastic view.

Real Estate prices in Valencia

This year, the average price paid for a home in Valencia was €268,000. The prices paid for apartments and houses, were somewhat different. The average price of an apartment was €240,000, while the average price of a home was €360,000. Keep in mind that the highest and lowest costs paid bias the results. The most expensive apartment was little over €1,000,000.

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