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Buying a Home in New Golden Mile

Buying a Home in New Golden Mile

The name New Golden Mile refers to the coastline between Estepona and Marbella on San Pedro Alcantára. This destination is popular with both tourists and residents.

The major towns and localities found close to New Golden Mile include Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Selwo and Estepona. Buying a home in New Golden Mile allows you to experience the wonders that these nearby towns offer. These towns are only 4 to 15 miles apart from the New Golden Mile.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in New Golden Mile?

Marbella may be expensive, but living in New Golden Mile is much lower than elsewhere. With drink, food, and groceries cheaper than in Marbella, it’s easy for you to make sure you’re feeling financially stable when you live here.

Buying a Home in New Golden Mile allows you to send your children to nearby Laude San Pedro International College to get an education from primary to secondary level.

Several public healthcare centers and private Triay Medical Center offer Spanish and Native English-speaking people emergency services. Buying a home in New Golden Mile also offers pharmacies, dentists, and pediatricians services.

Marbella has many opportunities, including the tourism industry and retail, with companies specializing in technology just a short drive away. This part of Spain is significant for English speakers looking for professional jobs.

You are about 45 minutes away from the Malaga airport and around 50 minutes away from Gibraltar, making it easy to visit both airports without taking much time out of your day. Buying a home in New Golden Mile offers a quick reach to Puerto Banus, with a drive of only 10 minutes.

Buying a home in New Golden Mile offers a lot of different shops in the town, including supermarkets, open-air markets, and plenty of local bars & restaurants. You’ll also find a central old village close to the beach.

Real Estate Prices in New Golden Mile

Looking for an investment that’s worth your time and money? Look no further than property investments in New Golden Mile.

In the second quarter of 2022, prices for buying a home in New Golden Mile were on average € 3,171 per sqm. This is up 7.5% from the first quarter of 2021 (€ 2,950/ sqm).

Rental prices for residential properties are consistently rising in the current market, with a recent spike of 11.18% Y/Y from May 2021 to May 2022 (10.73/ month/ sqm to 11.93/ month/ sqm).

You’ll find a range of luxurious apartments, top-notch amenities, and a friendly neighbourhood. And if you’re looking for buying a home in New Golden Mile that’s even more unique and exclusive, we’ve also got limited-edition homes that are sure to be perfect for you!

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Buying a Home in Atalaya

Buying a Home in Atalaya

The area of Atalaya is located in Estepona and is next to Hacienda del Sol in the Costa del Sol.

If you’re looking for a beautiful place with low crime rates, buying an Atalaya could be the perfect decision. Even though there are just 1,340 residents in the area, it still offers peaceful homes and has low congestion.

Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Selwo and Estepona are nearby towns of Atalaya. Buying a home in Atalaya is only 9.6 to 19 kilometers away from these nearby cities.

Why buy Luxury Real Estate in Atalaya?

You would probably want to consider visiting or buying a home in Atalaya rather than other areas because you might find lower prices and better discounts.

A demand for Spanish-speaking & marketing specialists has arisen and continues to expand. Positions in the service sector are also expanding for Spanish-speaking workers. There are also many job opportunities in fast-growing industries such as the tourism sector, technology, property development, and construction jobs.

Atalaya is beautiful and has fantastic public health care that ensures residents will be in great hands and have access to the A&E unit. But the state-owned hospital is easy to get to from your property, which can save you a lot of stress!

When choosing an international school or Spanish state school, there are many considerations! The curriculum that they offer can vary greatly depending on your needs.

The AP-7 toll road is long and scenic, but if you’re looking for something along the coast, you can use the modern bus terminal to get to your destination. However, not all areas are accessible by bus, so it may be wise to grab a car and take some scenic coastal routes. Buying a home in Atalaya offers excellent accessibility and connectivity.

Many different properties are available in Atalaya, ranging from old to new. The newer properties generally lie closer to downtown, while the older ones tend to be more suburban.

Real Estate Prices in Atalaya

A two-year comparison of buying a home in Atalaya shows that the average unit cost grew by almost 9% (up to €2.732 for a single square meter).

By 2022, the rental price will reach €10.39 for a single square meter. Rental properties in April would cost around this amount, with an 8.46% increase from the previous year, where they were at €9.58 per month per square meter for single rental property on average.

The new property rate has spiked, and this is your chance of buying a home in Atalaya. The rates have been increasing due to increased property demand, and you can use this to your advantage.

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Buying a Home in El Presidente

Buying a Home in El Presidente

One of the top-rated family-friendly destinations in the Puerto Banus, Marbella, and Estepona area, El Presidente is an excellent choice for all who want to live in a peaceful environment in Spain.

Buying a home in El president offers an opportunity to enjoy the tour to nearby towns and cities, including Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Selwo and Estepona. These towns are just 7 to 25 kilometres away from El Presidente centre.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in El Presidente?

Employees in El Presidente earn considerably more wages than what would be achieved at the same job in another city. However, they still have to pay the costs of living, which are pretty high. This is balanced out by the low cost of utilities and transport in El Presidente.

International schools are designed for students, including American college, Mayfair international academy, and Swans college, who are eager to study in different terrain; buying a home in EL Presidente also offers other state-run schools, which can be found close to San Pedro de Alcántara.

After buying a home in El Presidente, you will get dozens of options for health care, some utilising helicopter vehicles and some using private ambulances to cope with emergency needs.

Marbella can provide English-speaking professionals with many work opportunities with a large ex-pat population. It is also a feasible option for finding jobs in the service sector such as childcare, construction etc.

In terms of transport options, if you don’t have your car, you can get a bus service or taxi services which will take you to nearby Málaga airport, thus connecting you to entire Europe. The coastal and toll roads of N-340 and A-7 are enough to get you close to towns and localities.

Buying a home in El Presidente provides several amenities, including grocery stores, cosmetics, boutiques, shopping centres etc., to meet your daily needs.

Real Estate Prices in El Presidente

The median price per square meter in April 2022 for buying a home in El Presidente was €3.898, a 13.12% increase over the median price per square meter in April 2021 (€3.446).

In April of 2022, rental homes had an average price of 13.39 euros per square meter/ month but with a hike of 14% from the same month in the previous year, 11.75 per square meter/ month.

Investment in buying a home in El Presidente is exclusive and has a high return with low risk. It will grow exponentially and change your lifestyle substantially.

Our staff comprises a dedicated team to help make the most out of your search for a new property. Contact us if you’re interested in finding your next dream home in El Presidente. We’ll help you find it!

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Buying a Home in Selwo

Buying a Home in Selwo

Selwo is a small resort having its foundations in Andalucía within the Málaga Province within Estepona.

Localities having their roots close to Selwo within the radius of 56 kilometers include Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Benavista and Estepona. Buying a home in Selwo will never get you bored of the plentiful attraction in these nearby towns and cities.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Selwo?

You can expect to pay a little more for your weekly shop or meals out. But don’t worry! It’s still much cheaper than in the larger resort cities further west.

With most industries still in a buoyant state and with Spanish speakers having skill sets in sales, IT, and language, you have numerous employment opportunities, especially in tourism and services. For large-scale employers, you can get to Costa del Sol.

Selwo boasts excellent public health care facilities. The town has an ample A&; E unit, known as an Ambulatorio clinic, in the town center and a significant hospital in Marbella just a few minutes away.

Choosing the right school can be difficult. But buying a home in Selwo, there are a lot of options. However, it will be easier to find what’s suitable for your child with Spanish public and international schools in the area.

Selwo is equipped with a small range of shops in the lively center but doesn’t have big shopping complexes like most towns. The market is worth exploring, and you will find good things there.

With the two major airports of Malaga and Gibraltar, you can get to them in minutes from Selwo. Many people choose a road trip through the AP-7 tollway. This makes travel more accessible and carefree after buying a home in Selwo.

Real Estate Prices in Selwo

In April of 2022, the average price per square meter of buying a home in Selwo was €2.732. The average increase in price between April 2021 and April 2022 was 9%.

In April 2022, on average, tenants were asked to pay € 10.39 per square meter each month. The increase of 8.46% compared to April 2021 is due to the ever-rising rental costs in Selwo.

Buying a home in selwo gives you many property options, including townhouse, country house, luxury villa or detached villa, detached house, etc.

Invest in your future and let Selwo take care of the rest – Get a piece of land right now with the potential for future price appreciation.

We’re always ready and willing to help. If you’re looking for any real estate or property, we’ll show you the listings that meet your needs. We’ve got your back!

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Buying a Home in Benavista

Buying a Home in Benavista

Benavista is a resort located halfway between Estepona and Marbella, situated right on the slopes that face the southern region of the foothills of Andalucía.

The localities, towns or places located close to the Benavista include Cancelada, El Paraiso, Diana Park, Bel Air, Selwo and Estepona. All lie within a distance range of 6.7 to 12.9 miles.

Buying a home in Benavista does not get you bored from attractions in nearby localities.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Benavista?

The number of retail outlets around town will help keep the cost of shopping down every week.

Several international schools exist in the surrounding areas of Benavista. Buying a home in Benavista lets you educate your child in multiple curriculums, including either German, Swedish, or British.

Buying a home in Benavista provide you with multiple hospitals in the region, and they’re all well-equipped. Whether you go with a private one or in the public sector, there’s a lot to choose from concerning medical providers. Finally, there are numerous alternative therapies at your disposal if you want.

A recent study showed that Marbella is the most dynamic city in the region of Malaga for business. Buying a home in Benavista provides job opportunities in different sectors, including real estate, economy, and construction.

One of Marbella’s most popular bus routes takes you along the A7 motorway with the service at Malaga Airport. This is a highly frequented route because it provides easy access to other towns and cities along the beautiful coast.

Your designer clothes and jewelry choices are plentiful after buying a home in Benavista city center. You’ll also find an assortment of other shops that make shopping here a satisfying experience & some excellent food and other types of activities nearby.

Real Estate Prices in Benavista

A lot of property is available in the city, from expensive to affordable. There are luxurious estates on a bit of land where many people live and villas all over the place. However, more affordable apartments are also abundant. They’re out along the coast and farther into the city.

In April 2022, asking prices for residential properties was up 9.59% from €2.732/ sqm compared to the same period in the previous year.

The average rent in Spain increased 8.5% in April 2022, around €10.39/sqm/month compared to the same month of 2021. There’s been a much higher rate of increase for one year than for the last few years, which is encouraging for buying a home in Benavista!

You can contact us anytime, day or night. We’re always available to help with your real estate search. Reach out to us when you’re ready, and we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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Buying a Home on the Costa del sol

Home on the Costa del sol

Buying a home on the Costa del Sol means enjoying an affordable cost of living. Therefore the Costa del Sol has become one of the most highly sought-after regions in Spain. Spanish Costas in general provide high-quality living areas, a warm climate and are popular with international real estate buyers. If you’re interested in buying a home or looking for a holiday home for sale, Costa del Sol should be your first choice.

Why Buy a home in Costa del Sol?

Costa del Sol is a regional destination that offers culture, beaches, and sun. It can be found in the southern part of Spain near the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a beautiful stretch of coastline in Andalucia. The landscape stretches from Malaga, Marbella, Estepona and Fuengirola, and Gibraltar. Many well-known cities such as La Cala de Mijas, Benahavis, and Torremolinos lie along this stretch.

The hillside surrounding the beaches on the Costa del Sol offers stunning views of beautiful coastline and seaside resorts. The range of places to stay are from affordable apartments to extravagant villas and is enticing for anyone looking for their next holiday destination, investment, or home.

You’ll never be bored on the Costa del Sol because of the number of amazing golf courses, marinas, and other activities to do in this area.

The Costa del Sol is a great place with its 2 million residents, diverse economy, and quality of life. This area is ideal for investments because there are various industries such as real estate construction, tourism, agriculture and manufacturing. Buying luxury real estate as a permanent home on the Costa del Sol, holiday home here can be a profitable property investment.

Reasons to Invest In Costa del Sol Luxury Real Estate?

  • There is a strong tourist trade, so you will likely get many visitors. This helps you to earn rentals from your property.
  • Property is somewhat less expensive there than elsewhere in Europe.
  • The Costa del Sol is a great place to live and offers real estate for all budgets.
  • Locals and visitors alike enjoy the choice of many resorts and beaches that rank among the best in Europe.
  • Costa del Sol is richly endowed with natural resources and boasts a low crime rate.
  • Costa Del Sol has it all for a world-class destination – you can easily get around with public transport, and the international airports are quite close to the region.

Property Prices in Costa del Sol

This region offers plenty of luxury real estate properties that vary in price. Usually, a single apartment located in a smaller town starts from 150,000 euros. Some are close to the towns, while others might be more suited towards people who like to be away from it all. The price of the property varies. You can choose any property for sale as per your needs and budget.

Buy your dream home on the Costa del Sol without having to worry about the hassle of dealing with investors or contracts. Our Costa del Sol Estate Agents are more than happy to help you, and they speak your language. Reach out 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

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