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Buying a Home in Mijas Costa

Buying a Home in Mijas Costa

Mijas Costa is a collection of beaches found on the Spanish coast of Costa del Sol. Fuengirola & Marbella surrounds Cabopino resort that lies on this coast in the east. Many well-known resorts exist in this area, including the La Cala de Mijas, Riviera del Sol, & Calahonda.

The total number of people living in the community of Mijas Costa is 86,630, and their population density is 540 people per square kilometer. Buying a home in the Mijas Costa area of Spain promises to be one of the most profitable decisions.

Mijas Costa features numerous major cities including Miraflores, Calypso, Sierrezuela, Campo Mijas, La Cala and Torrenueva that are close to one another. make getting around the area easy. Buying a home in Mijas Costa gives you easy access to these cities.

Why Buy a Luxury Real Estate in Mijas Costa

Bargain, budget-friendly restaurants are flourishing in Mijas Costa. The international budget airlines have ushered in a new era of flying – low prices and friendlier companies. The public transport system provides competency at a price.

Buying a home in Mijas costa offers many jobs related to tourism. There are seasonal opportunities to work with people from many European countries, and they may pay well in both Euros and local market wages. Many jobs for foreigners are available. From recruitment companies to groups and forums that help them find work, it’s easy to hire people if you know where to look. There’s also a lot of advertising on Facebook that targets foreign talent.

Marbella, Fuengirola, Calahonda, and Mijas are all great locations if you’re looking for doctors or chemists. There are several different hospitals near you in each area, and they’re all excellent!

When looking for a school in Mijas, there are many options available. Within the regional and state schools, there is also private and international schooling within Fuengirola & Marbella. Schools provide children with additional opportunities and education to fit their needs as best as possible.

Buying a home in Mijas Costa provides easy access from airports in Málaga or Gibraltar via transport and taxi services. There’s a bus service too which leads you straight to your destination.

Real Estate Prices in Mijas Costa

In April 2022, the average price of residential properties was €2.474/m2. This was an 8.51% increase from the previous year when prices averaged €2.280/m².

By April 2022, the average cost for residential rentals had gone up from € 8.3 in April 2021 to € 9.4 in that year’s final month, with a 13% increase compared to one year earlier.

This trend in property prices reflects a vibrant real estate market filled with great investment opportunities for buying a home in Mijas Costa.

There are plenty of properties for sale in Mijas Costa. With small apartments, villas, and townhouses, you’ll find a property that suits your needs and financial limitations. You can find cheaper options with more privacy or more expensive options with better amenities.

We are open 24/7, so if you’re looking for buying a home in Mijas Costa, have someone contact us at any time. We know you’ll be happy with the service we offer!

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