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Buying a Home in Rincon de la Victoria

Home in Rincón de la Victoria

Rincón de la Victoria is a quaint coastal town just a few kilometres apart from eastern Malaga. It’s only 31 km away from Malaga Airport, which is worth it for the incredible scenery you’ll experience.

If you’re an international expat, you’ll be thrilled to know that a home in Rincón de la Victoria is one of the most competitive places to find luxury real estate for living or investment. Buying a property for sale here will give you a perfect chance to have your dream home living at an affordable price.

Why Buy Luxury Real Estate in Rincón de la Victoria?

Rincón de la Victoria is one of the most desired neighbourhoods by locals who work in Malaga but want a secluded beach that’s still close when they feel like taking a break.

Maybe you don’t want to rough it outside on these activities, so if that’s the case, then head to the Añoreta Golf Course. It is a few kilometres outside of the city centre, which is perfect if you have your mindset on playing golf. Or you could visit La Cala del Moral for some sightseeing.

A home in Rincón de la Victoria is the perfect place to buy whatever you need. Whether you go for groceries or buy home essentials, some popular markets in this area include supersol, mercadona, extreme, floristeria remiflor etc.

With tourism being a major factor in the town’s prosperity, it’s no wonder that the population is constantly growing swiftly. The population of Rincon de la Victoria is now at 38,600.

Reasons to Invest in Rincón de la Victoria Real Estate

  • Quite a popular beach town with 9km of coastline to explore. The underwater caves are considered one of three worldwide and the only ones of their kind in all Europe.
  • According to the latest statistics, Rincón de la Victoria has the highest per capita income in Andalucia. Attested by archaeological findings at the Cueva del Tesoro that date back to prehistoric times, it is safe to say its human presence dates back to Paleolithic Era.
  • Rincón de la Victoria is a horse lover’s paradise, and the surrounding towns feature rugged landscapes that make it great for those interested in riding, biking, climbing, or fishing.
  • Rincón de la Victoria has seen a lot of growth and ample development. It’s now full of big buildings and residential towers and lots of bars, hotels, and restaurants – it seems to be attracting international visitors more than ever before.

Property Prices in Rincón de la Victoria

Attractive and pleasant townhouses, apartments, or villas are available in Rincón de la Victoria with an average price of €150,000. The price per square meter for a property here is €2,314.

Luxury real estate is one of our specialities. Regardless of your taste, our agents will find a home that suits you perfectly. Get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find your perfect home!

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